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Draft 004 1-3

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Rare drafted 2 cards.
Overall this deck was solid. Good curve, decent removal, but lacked strong cards that could turn around a losing board. I expected around 3 wins.
Game 1: Slow opener. Traded back and forth. Was losing tempo badly. Had to double block a 5/4. 3/6 Groundbreaker stabilized my board at 6 health. My next 4 draws countered his perfectly: Flame Blast for Roosting Owl, Polymorph for his boosted Valkyrie Linebreaker, Cannonbearer for his frog.
Game 2: Mulliganed into 4 power and 3 5+ cost cards. Drew a few 2/2s but mostly more power.
Game 3: Good hand. Stalled by 1/4s in the air and ground. Used removal to clear the flying blocker and raced. But couldn't contain his subsequent 4/4s on the ground. Had several Dragonbreaths, but only had 2 attack creatures. Should have played more cautiously.
Game 4: Great hand. Was racing in the air. Traded evenly on the ground. Eventually he found a Copperhall Cudgel for his Brightmace Paladin. Took 2 hits before finding Polymorph and stabilizing at 4. Misplayed in the final turn Dragonbreathing his paladin, which both removes one of my blockers and gives him a 2/2 minotaur for lethal.


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3 2

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8 9

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18 9 2

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18 0 10 0 17


September 26, 2017


Eternal Version
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