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21-1 FJS Smuggolem

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Hey guys, Kasendrith here!

Don't know what to play for the multi-faction event this weekend? want to draw a million cards, and have them all be good? I have a deck for you!

Smugglers and Golem is a better love story than twilight, and I can prove it with this list. You will bury your opponents in cards, throw 6 cost icarias at them, and when they are finally done dealing with your things, you just play display to do it all over again!

Ijin's Choice is necessary for the Suny Special, so make sure you hold it to make their workshop forge crumble when they cast their glimpse.

Hope you enjoy!

Event Information

Dragon's Shadow
September 19-25, 2019
Multi-faction cards cost 1 less.


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
3 3 2

Power Sources
13 13 13 12

Power Calculator
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Deck Rarities
2 20 29 14

Card Types
28 0 23 2 27

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Homecoming [Set1005]


September 20, 2019


Eternal Version
Dark Frontier

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Rhyniel Eternal Version: 1.46.10
Did one 7-2 run with this :)
1 loss to power screw being stuck on 2 despite playing 2 golems...
2nd loss in mirror, started 2nd and was always 1 move behind
dsarchs Eternal Version: 1.46.10
Not to be thick, but what does the golem do? Your deck is filled with odd-costed cards so golem should do nothing -- right? What am I missing?
RumblerX Eternal Version: 1.46.10
The event has all mutifaction cards costing 1 less.
YurickYu Eternal Version: 1.46.10
+ 1 like because you get the achievment of make a tier 0 deck for a format. I almost only face this deck. 2 questions: Why 0 Brel? and Why 0 Xo? 8 Merchant 0 Xo make no sense for me. Xo now is 8 cost then this make it playable with even.
Kasendrith Eternal Version: 1.46.10
golem often performed better than xo, and re-weave allowed me to fetch merchants/golem to re-fill my hand whenever I needed. I think Xo is prob. a solid pick, but sometimes games would end far before you would ever be able to play him.