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Strangers are Great Again!

Throne Deck By

0 Spiked Helm x1 0 Stranger's Mark x1 1 Dark Return x2 1 Hearty Stranger x1 1 Horus Traver x1 1 Journey Guide x1 1 Permafrost x1 1 Ruthless Stranger x1 1 Sanctuary Priest x1 2 Argenport Stranger x1 2 Backlash x1 2 Combrei Stranger x1 2 Elysian Stranger x1 2 Feln Stranger x1 2 Grim Stranger x1 2 Hair-Trigger Stranger x1 2 Hooru Stranger x1 2 Praxis Stranger x1 2 Rakano Stranger x1 2 Reunite x3 2 Second Sight x2 2 Skycrag Stranger x1 2 Stonescar Stranger x1 2 Strategize x2 2 Twinning Ritual x1 2 Vanquish x2 2 Xenan Stranger x1 3 Auralian Merchant x1 3 Determined Stranger x1 3 Dispel x2 3 Forsworn Stranger x3 3 Jennev Merchant x1 3 Kerendon Merchant x1 3 Mirror Image x4 3 Tireless Stranger x2 3 Valorous Stranger x2 3 Winchest Merchant x1 3 Wisdom of the Elders x2 4 Crimson Firemaw x4 4 Enlightened Stranger x2 4 Feeding Time x2 4 Memento Mori x1 4 Navani, Warsinger x1 4 Poaching Drake x2 4 Savage Stranger x1 4 Soaring Stranger x1 4 Swift Stranger x1 4 The Praxis Arcanum x1 4 Vara, Vengeance-Seeker x4 4 Xenan Obelisk x1 5 Battle-Tested Stranger x1 5 Deepforged Plate x1 5 Harsh Rule x2 5 Marshal Ironthorn x2 5 Merciless Stranger x1 5 Triumphant Stranger x4 6 Ferocious Stranger x1 6 Fortunate Stranger x2 6 Jekk, the Bounty Hunter x4 7 Nictotraxian x3 8 Azindel, Revealed x2 8 Sword of the Sky King x1 Fire Sigil x3 Justice Sigil x3 Primal Sigil x6 Shadow Sigil x5 Time Sigil x4 Argenport Banner x2 Combrei Banner x2 Elysian Banner x2 Feln Banner x2 Hooru Banner x2 Praxis Banner x2 Rakano Banner x2 Seat of Chaos x1 Seat of Cunning x2 Seat of Fury x1 Seat of Glory x1 Seat of Impulse x1 Seat of Mystery x1 Seat of Order x1 Seat of Progress x1 Seat of Vengeance x1 Seat of Wisdom x1 Skycrag Banner x2 Stonescar Banner x2 Xenan Banner x2

Market 5

5 Harsh Rule x1 7 Nictotraxian x1 8 Azindel, Revealed x1 Argenport Banner x1 Elysian Banner x1

Cost Curve




This deck puts all the decks in the current meta into a blender, then adds spices (Nictotraxian) and Strangers (namely Triumphant Stranger).

I went 7-0 with this deck today, and it's been murdering the Diamond ranks and is on it's way to masters.

ATTENTION STREAMERS: I tried to make this deck extremely flashy but still good. There are so many ways to win, so keep viewers watching closely by using them! Play a different deck every game without switching decks at all! (end of advertisement)

Feedback is greatly appreciated; I'll respond to every comment.


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
2 2 2 2 2

Power Sources
15 17 16 20 19 33

Power Calculator
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Deck Rarities
43 40 20 31

Card Types
67 6 27 1 54

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Into Shadow [Set1004]


January 30, 2019


Eternal Version
Balance Changes

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