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Oathbreaker Control

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This is my own variant of a deck that utilizes Oathbreaker as a win condition. So far, it has a positive win ratio and performs extremely well in certain match-ups. It's made to compete with top-tier decks and does so successfully against Big Combrei, Armory, Xenan Killers, TP midrange, TJP Chalice, Rakano Plate.

This deck is not an easy deck to pilot and requires apt decision-making. It suffers from aggro if opponents have the ideal hands, like how it beats every other deck on turn 4. Regardless, it's meant to win in the very late, late portions of games by maintaining card advantage and value throughout them.

The reason why it performs well is because of the control mechanisms that the deck has at its disposal, with the combination of key cards such as Rain of Frogs, Celestial Omen, Harsh Rule and Azindel's Gift.

Staples in this deck must have 4 Inspire, 4 Wisdom of the Elders, 4 Steward of the Past 4 Black-Sky Harbinger, 4 Vara's Favor and 4 Seek Power. Any less and the deck will become not viable. 2 Vara, Fate-Touched also seems necessary too, to win the late game.

Permafrost, lightning storm, etc. most likely leads to a loss in card advantage. Unless it's in your bones to use them, don't. They're bad for the deck, especially when Harsh Rule is being ran anyway. The deck can survive damage on its own because it runs oathbreaker and harbinger besides. Even being at low health isn't much of a problem. It's all a matter of identifying certain win conditions to overcome certain board-states. Celestial Omen provides you with the versatility to do this.

How the deck functions is by maintaining a good board-state with bloodcaster and steward, traditional feln tactics. Rain of Frogs at turn 4 is exceptionally key if possible.
The mid-game is where the deck requires the most patience. To pull the switch or not to depends on the match-up and playing around cards like Harsh Rule, Deathstrike, etc. The knowledge that you would receive from Rain of Frogs should tell you how to play forward. The card alone allows the deck to be competitive because of its "anti-meta" rewards. Playing harbinger at this stage could be used to stall or wipe out typical aggro cards. Celestial Omen at around turn 6-7 is used to counter specific board-states and typically pulls either Azindel's, Harsh Rule, Vara, Harbinger, Steward, and on rare occasions, deathstrike or annihilate. In most cases, it must search for Azindel's.
The late game should be explanatory. It's where Spell Swipe shines the most. Azindel's should allow you to win against most control, mid-range and slower decks. Essentially, the sequence of Azindel's and Harsh Rule is pretty disgusting.
The combination of oathbreaker and harbinger should hold their own against aggro if you've survived this long. Vara does what she does best.

For alternatives, 1 celestial omen, 1 rain of frogs, 2 spell swipe are all worthy cards for replacement.


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July 8, 2017


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