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Week 4 9-1 Argenport no-removal pile

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(Well, almost no removal. Amethyst Acolyte, Madness and Copperhall Marshal as pseudo-removal.)

Not sure anyone cares, but here's my list, felt like sharing. 9-1 this week and my only loss I was manascrewed (played my first spell on turn 5). So ya, pretty good preformance.

Took me a couple weeks to realize this was my best build, had a really bad week 2 where I went 5-5. That's when I realized this format is basically mono-bad aggro, and if you're messing around with anything else, you'll probably get run over. I do have a few bombs here, but mostly just a lean, efficient aggressive strategy was what did the job.

Currently sitting at 74th place witg 28-12 overall, hopefully I do well on my tiebreaks this week and hang on to top 100!

Good luck everyone, and good luck next month!

Edit: in case anyone is wondering, week 3 I only gained 1 Argenport Banner, and week 4 I added only Brightmace Paladin, Xenan Destroyer, and the 2nd Sabotage. So the core of the deck remained the same.

Event Information

League - Chapter 17: Enemies at the Gates
April 2-30, 2018
The summer the Clans swept down from the mountains remained fresh in the minds of those who had witnessed the carnage that followed.


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2 2

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8 8 1

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25 6 3

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21 5 4 0 15


April 25, 2018


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Sealed Deck League

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