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Low Skycrag Aggro

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Since I started playing Skycrag post-nerf I tried to have a very low and impactful curve to start out well and to have useful tricks to topdeck. Dragonbreath was a nifty trick I saw in a mirror while playing the first few games. It is important to hold dear every unit, even if you can't attack with it, it is an important trick. Two Rockslide were kicked because too rarely you'll end up playing the mirror and being able to ping two units, therefore the cost of 2 is too high. Instead I completed a playset of Temper and added a third Vadius, Clan Father. Temper wins games by the way, not often with a glorious ping but instead you'll occasionally be able to get in damage after pinging Desert Marshal or trade a T1 unit for a Valkyrie. Influence is a harsh topic, you will definitely be unlucky at some point playing aggro to win by turn 6 and also having the requirements of double influence and consistent mana. My last game to masters with it ended quite some time after turn 6 while my opponent already had two Maktos on board and his board was as wide as mine. I had a bit of luck and top-decked a Permafrost that won me the game on point thanks to overwhelm on another unit. That being said, each point of damage, be it as early as possible has to get in.


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Influence Requirements
2 1

Power Sources
17 12 8 4

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Deck Rarities
22 23 14 3

Card Types
23 14 13 0 25


August 21, 2017


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Firesun124 Eternal Version: 1.23
I would drop the Obliterate for Flash Fire. Though it could still work.
repugnanthropic Eternal Version: 1.23
I'll keep an eye on the influence I gather in upcoming games. Maybe it'll be worth it but I have to emphasize on the importance of overwhelm, it should not be removed lightheartedly imo.