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Milos' Warcry Tokens

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Hello, This was a deck that I threw together after I got my 4th Milos, Unwavering Idealist and thought I could try it in a traditional rakano warcry deck for the occasional LULZ. It actually worked out much better than I initially thought it would. So I decided to try and build entirely around him, and it went extraordinarily well. Taking me from Diamond 3 to Master in rapid fashion.

The deck is divided into 2 parts, Warcry, with cards like Rakano Outlaw and Oni Ronin to establish early board pressure, establish our pump and most importantly of all, eat through their removal before dropping Milos, Unwavering Idealist on turn 4 or 5 and immediately extracting its value by using cards like Kaleb's Intervention, and Finest Hour into Grenadin Drone or another of our 1-drops.

This is the first aspirational combo, We have other options though if we know the opposition doesn't have hard removal, Bear Arms, Criva, the Crimson Scythe and Tinker Dronedropper make it basically impossible to stall the board against us. As long as you can play around Harsh Rule this deck is very difficult to beat as it has the ability to go wide, and tall at a moments notice.


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February 28, 2019


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v1.43 - Community Store

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ThatsTasty Eternal Version:
This deck is super fun, thanks!
ThousandMoods Eternal Version:
This deck is joke/junk. It works maybe in 1 out of 7-10 games.
TheStray Eternal Version:
Made this deck and went 5-0 in Masters Ranked with it at lunch. Solid list. Only pulled Milo's once but he was 3/3 from earlier war cries.