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This is by far my favorite deck to play out of any. It is definitely not for the new player, as it has 23 Legendaries, and the sequencing of how you do things has a major impact on the game. For those of you who do not know, this is how the deck likes to work:

You basically ramp up and draw cards in the early game with Temple Scribe and Find the Way, giving your power cards Echo with Voice of the Speaker. Combrei Healer helps out in the early game against heavy aggro decks like Rakano or Burn Queen, two of the worst match-ups for this deck. Sandstorm Titan does a great job on the ground of shutting off fliers and heavy ground units. Marshal Ironthorn, while being a 5-drop, should be played on turn 6, as it doesn't give your opponent a chance to respond before you play your power (which is doubled by his effect). Getting to 7 power is very important, I'll explain below...

Once you have a ton of power (with Marshal Ironthorn), there are a few things you can do. The Great Parliament is an obvious choice, as you can get a ton of 4/4 fliers, bog down the board, then Vanquish or silence your Sandstorm Titan to fly over the board your opponent thought they had locked down. The 7-power I mentioned earlier is important for Vodakhan, Temple Speaker, the card that separates this from Big Combrei. Not only is it 7 power to play, but its cost is TTTJJJ, which Marshal Ironthorn helps you achieve.

Once Vodakhan, Temple Speaker is on the table, things get complicated. A Seek Power now says, "Play a power from your deck, draw a card." If Voice of the Speaker is out, it now says, "Play 2 power from your deck, draw 2 cards." See where this is going? Add Mystic Ascendant into the mix, and you're drawing 4 cards off a Seek Power, and buffing the Mystic Ascendant +8/+8.

An important thing to note is that you will often come close to decking yourself. If you have the pieces mentioned out, you draw off Mystic Ascendant every time you play a power, double for every Marshal Ironthorn, double that for every Voice of the Speaker. While it's nice to draw your deck, you still need to win. This can be done by slowly chipping away at your opponents board state, OR by waiting until you have all this power (UNDEPLETED POWER, very important), you use the ability of Marshal Ironthorn, wipe their board, and hope to swing before they scoop. Another thing to mention is that as the cards are combo-ing off, the turn timer is still going, slowly, but going. I've had turns where just the animations left me with about half a second to make all the clocks for my turn, and hope I sequenced them properly (sequencing is very important, as mentioned earlier).

I can only hope that some of you will eventually build this deck, if you don't have the Vodakhan, Temple Speaker's to play, try Big Combrei. It's the same list, but with some variants in the slots for Vodakhan, Temple Speaker. The most common, and controversial is Harsh Rule, which I personally like. I'll try to throw up my list soon for my Big Combrei.



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October 18, 2017

October 12, 2017


Eternal Version
The Tale of Horus Traver

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meaningqo Eternal Version: 1.25.1
no power stone though?
IanHirst Eternal Version: 1.25.1
I hadn't really tried it in the deck, as I've been playing a Shepherd's Horn deck that's pretty ridiculous. I honestly don't think the deck needs it, as on turn 2, you generally wanna be playing a Temple Scribe, Find the Way, or Voice of the Speaker. I suppose I can try it out and let you know how it works. Have you played the deck at all?
meaningqo Eternal Version: 1.25.1
i have been playing around with similar vodakhombo decks for a bit before the drop of set 2.5. been trying your list out for a few games as well, but somehow i found to get stomped on too much from hyper aggro decks or having bad draws against tavrod based decks.
don't know whether it was a problem with the list or just bad luck though.
IanHirst Eternal Version: 1.25.1
So, super aggro matchups are generally bad for this deck, if you find yourself being run over too much, you could try to cut back on a Voice of the Speaker, one of the Enforcer's (which die to Torch), and increase the amount of Combrei Healers, those often stop aggro in it's tracks, and helps you gain some life back. You could also go up to 4 Desert Marshall's. If you do, and there's a Turn 1 Oni Ronin, you play the Marshall on your turn to deny them the Warcry trigger. It also shuts off the ultimate of Pyroknight.

Aggro like Burn Queen and Rakano are absolutely destructive to this deck. There's a very heated debate over the place of Harsh Rule in this deck, most think it has no place, as it wipes your board, and you have no way to get it back, but if you think the meta is too unit oriented (as it may be right now), you can put a few in. Perhaps cutting the Stand Together's and maybe one of the top end cards? This is where Big Combrei has an advantage, they don't have to worry about holding on until you hit Vodakhen (which you don't HAVE to do in this deck, it's just really fun...). They can go a little more aggro and apply some pressure back. Feel free to add me in the game (my name+#### should be at the top of the page) if you have any questions, or wanna playtest. I'm always down to play some Vodakhen. It's the closest thing to Magic you can get in Eternal in my opinion.
meaningqo Eternal Version: 1.26.3
sooooo i went back and revisited your list now and it went really really well. currently like 10-2 with it today. i havent faced too much aggro though. just wanted to let you know that i still enjoy me some sweet voda every now and then :)