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Flame Stalker

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Hello everyone !!

This is my first deck publication, so please be gentle !!

The card Flamestoker has not seen a lot of play/deck so far, and I feel it might be quite
underrated. I am trying to build a deck around it, and considering the amount of synergies, I
want to believe there might actually be a chance to make something good enough to be
competitive. This list is more of a concept at this point and is far from being refined, tests so
far are average, it seems the deck core has some issues going off consistently.
Most likely because the shell I built around the combo to make it happen and protect it is
not good enough yet, as I am only playing for a little less than a month and I lack
experience with the game itself despite some solid experience from MtG and HS ...

Here is a card breakdown :


Flamestoker - The heart of the deck. The main objective is to put that relic down as fast
as possible to enable a lot of synergies and make the board almost unmanageable for the opponent.

Vault of the Praxis - First synergy with Flamestoker aimed toward setting up
a card draw engine. This also combines well with other cards like Ephemeral Wisp,
Grenadin Drone and Dawnwalker in the early game to dig as much as
possible toward combo pieces.

Shepherd's Horn - Another great synergy to provide significant Health gain when
recurring Dawnwalkers while setting up and trying to survive against aggressive decks
pushing for early damage or using burn spells as finishers.

Dawnwalker - Main engine for recurring board presence during setup as well as pushing
end game further when Flamestoker is out.


Grenadin Drone - Very good one drop that synergizes well with the rest of the deck.
Helps digging with Devour and Vault of the Praxis and gives chump blockers
at start.

Ephemeral Wisp - A good recurrent chump blocker, Helps draw easily from Vault of the Praxis.

Temple Scribe - Very good 2-drop, even if the influence requirement is sometime
troublesome on turn 2. Again, helps digging for combo pieces and provides chump
blockers against early aggression.


Sandstorm Titan - One of the best 4-drop in the game, and our best ward against
flyers. Also helps recurring Dawnwalkers before Flamestoker is out ...
No reason to omit this.

Xenan Obelisk - Helps early makin our chump blockers more efficient, good in a
token setup, can act as a first big threat in the mid-game, sometime leading to victory
without waiting for Flamestoker when playing against slowish control decks.


Seek Power - Fetching is always good, this deck needs lot of good draws and
consistent curve. Influence requirement is 3 fire, 2 times and 1 shadow ... this helps a lot obviously.

Combust - One of the best removal in a token setup, very good early with all our
grenadins, very good with all our expendable units when Flamestoker and
Dawnwalker start to flow.

Annihilate - Cheap removal which targets a vast majority of threats, I find this to be the
least restrictive removal amongst removals. One of the reason for the shadow splash.

Torch - Staple for red, never omit this ... what else ?

Predator's Instinct / Xenan Initiation - Very good on Dawnwalkers,
efficient removal against Aegis units, very good synergy overall.

Vara's Choice - This is our main protection against must-silence targets and there is a fair
amount of them. The added tempo gain effect can be very efficient too.

Banish - Basically a tech card at this point, to handle relics that can hurt the most like
Crystalline Chalice, Xenan Obelisk or Azindel's Gift.


The sideboard is far fom being ready at this point, I'd rather focus on refining the main deck for now.


I do have a feeling that the list in its current state is too greedy and card choice is subject to
a lot of change. Even the shadow splash might actually be questionable. Primal for draw
and Backlash ? Justice for a more control-ish approach ? No splash at all for easier
curve and more card slots for the Praxxis core ? Maybe ...
I hope people will enjoy testing this deck, feels so good when it goes off ! Thanks a lot for
your attention, please give me some feedback and help me make the concept more
consistent !


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Influence Requirements
3 2 1

Power Sources
17 15 6 13

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21 19 15 8

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20 10 20 0 25


July 26, 2017


Eternal Version
Omens of the Past

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