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This is a bad deck. I really shouldn't have raced to diamond and then brewed stupid ideas, it only makes them fail harder.

Either way, I was playing and, while it's not a secret, noticed that Sauropod wrangler (And other blanket effects) still count on cards in the void. So I was looking for 5 Attack creatures that cost around 5 Power with effects that benefit from recursion besides just the body, the most likely candidate ended up being Umbren Reaper since an attack for 5 and additional 5 life swing seems decent. I don't know if this can be really tuned into something useful, but I still like the idea.

Unstable Form was recently added due to high volume of Aegis creatures to make single target kill spells less hampered, and to potentially upgrade Marisen's Disciple after summoning.

I'm also a personal fan of Sporefolk. It probably isn't helping, but I like the concept of digging 5 deeper to have a Haunting Scream target in the Void, or power up Torrent of Spiders or Oblivion Spike.

Unfortunately I don't think the "dredge" style of filling your grave yourself is quite supported yet, and this deck is running on shaky stilts trying to get to a goal that isn't even a payoff compared to other high tier decks. I might tool around, looking at other Xenan decks if I can sneak in Haunting + Wrangler, but there wasn't enough benefit with 5+/x creatures in general. Maybe playing Twinbrood Sauropod or just focusing on more heavy bodies rather than kill spells would be the way to go? Replacing Unstable Form with Accelerated Evolution for the "Aegis popping" while improving my own bodies? I guess giving a Twinbrood Flying + Charge wouldn't even be too bad with it having Echo to benefit Dark Return? I'm also unsure on Gorgon Fanatic. I think it warrants inclusion, but I don't know if it requires more spot removal or if the 3/2 body is functional enough.

Lots to tool around, probably with little results. Feel free to drop any comments though.


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June 15, 2017


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