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Classic Kennadins

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Kennadins has been my favorite deck for a long time. I love the dynamic playstyle that makes you more powerful the more dangerous your opponent's threats are. It was only recently that I discovered how powerful it was with Xo of the Endless Hoard in the list. Prior to Xo, people would typically run copies of Jotun Hurler, which is an absolutely atrocious card. With Xo, you can satisfy your market needs while still having a decent lategame threat and extra draw for finding your combo pieces. It makes Kennadins infinitely better than it was before, even after the Xo nerf.

Use insignias over banners, I just don't have them yet.

Yushkov, the Usurper is a must in this deck. It serves three purposes:
1. It ramps you into your combo more quickly. The value of this goes without saying.
2. It acts as a stat wall against aggro and slows down Charge decks with its wonderful ability. Even if it gets Permafrosted it's still helping you.
3. It prevents your opponent from blocking the turn after they play a card, which can win you close games.

Any Kennadins deck without Yushkov is lacking in my opinion. This card does everything you need.

Caiphus is still strong even after several expansions. It has a significant chance of getting Aegis or Revenge, making it resistant to removal, can save your ass with Lifesteal or Killer, or can win the game quickly with Charge or Unblockable. It makes a perfect target for End of Hostilities. Usually if you get this combo off, you insta-win the game.

Why blue market over red market?
Red market is definitively better in terms of drawing your combo pieces, especially Combustion Cell. However, Ixtun Merchant does not synergize with the deck at all. Overwhelm is useless for the deck and with 2 hp, it dies to basically every removal in the game. You really need Jennev Merchant to survive aggro. The removal resistance is so important to stabilizing the early board and surviving until midgame. The Red Market is better on paper, but in practice you just explode too often. The Blue Market is better on the board, and you don't need Red Market to win. Pre-nerf I would use Ixtun, post-nerf it's not worth it.

Why no Skycrag Insignias?
I refuse to buy the terrible Trials of Gordov Expansion just because some of the dual insignias are behind a paywall.

Why no Assembly Line?
For 1 mana, Grenadin Drone gives you 2 Grenadins. In what universe does it make sense to pay 3 mana for 3? It's an objectively terrible card.

I don't think Kennadins is any kind of meta deck, but it is viable and fun, and requires a lot of skill to use correctly. I've been climbing consistently with it. Any questions just ask.


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28 8 17 8 13

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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


September 28, 2019

September 11, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.47 - The Flame of Xulta

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