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Fire Goods G-PM

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Fire Good Stuff - Pure Midrange

This is my attempt at building a Fire deck based on the Pure Midrange archetype laid out by Patrick Chapin in Next Level Deckbuilding. The game plan here is to start with a solid curve and fill each slot with the best cards we can based on their stand alone value. The upside to this lack of synergy is that we are hard to disrupt since there is no singular theme to attack and there are no cornerstone cards holding our game plan together. The downside is that we can eventually be outclassed out run by more specialized synergistic strategies.

1/2 Slots

At this stage, we're focused on 3 goals:
1. Holding off aggressive opponents so we can develop our plan
2. Making sure we can consistently afford our 4/5 slots
3. Giving us tricks to pair with our threats to punish the AI

Ignite, Torch, and Sear satisfy goals 1 & 3. They allow us to take out early game threats and utility creatures ("Bolt the Bird"). The fast spells in particular can exploit the AI's tendency to X to 1 block our mid game threats. In a pinch, we can also get a little reach to deny the AI an extra end game turn.

Passionate Stonehammer can take out a nice little chunk of life if unanswered but is really there for the plunder. Even in mid/late game it can make use of extra power or make a good holder for Kaleb's Persuader. Yeti Pioneer, on curve, is clutch drop. A turn 2 Pioneer into a 4 cost threat happens quite reliably and can save us from power screw since both of our 4 cost threats reduce cost or can create power. They also help bleed removal from our opponents hand since the AI pitch kill spells at either units that might have been saved for our later units.

3 Slot

At this stage, we've still got one foot in control while beginning to pivot to beat down. Any unit in this slot will pull a kill spell out of the hand. Hopefully, after already providing the main utility we're looking for.

Ixtun Merchant is our obligatory market access.

Prism Golem is just an excellent body for the cost that will stone cold stop many of the aggressive AI decks. Especially the go wide strategies. On curve, it will absolutely smash any robot that falters in its own curve without an answer.

Jekk, Mercenary Hunter is a tried and true utility unit. 2 for 1 a board state, advance the clock and get a treasure, or some mixture of the two. Whatever the situation calls for. If you can get him his Persuader from the market, you won't be short on card draw or power.

Pyrotech Explosion is here cause sometimes, you just need little bit of extra strong, aegis bypassing removal. If a game goes long enough to hit 8 power (or 5 if its been cost reduced), it provides more stopping power and reach than even Obliterate.

4 Slot

Ring the bell. It's beat down time. At this stage we're looking to wrap things up as quick as possible.

Crimson Firemaw is our celebrity here. Represent 5 evasive strength and enabling us to start dumping multiple threats a turn throwing our tempo into overdrive. It's important here to know which AI deck sport board wipes and save our under costed cards for a post wipe hand dump.

Looming Fireshell is either gonna be a fat body for the cost or give us power we can save to drop a bigger body. It's an edge case but a hunted Advantage can be fed to a Jekk or Merchant for more utility.

Surveying the Rift was one of my later additions. I knew at this slot that I wanted a little bit of utility or removal. I couldn't really settle on a good 4 cost removal option that wasn't redundant to the rest of the burn suite. After some testing, I settled on some card draw to re-fuel if the AI has done a good job of deploying their own answers. So far, I've never been sad to be holding one of these after topping out or going into a top deck race.

5 Slot

Ghodan, Undefeated can charge for some final game ending damage but his main job is card advantage. Being able to warp our threats allows us to keep a stream of pressure on especially if combined with Crimson Firemaw triggers.

Hellfire Valkyrie is another multifaceted powerhouse. Pick off smaller units, push the clock, or generate excellent card advantage. This gal can turn a game around all by herself.

Obliterate is our utility pick for this spot. Remove a tough later game unit or use for game ending reach.

6/7/8+ Slots

Usually I try a 2/1/1 split here going for almost certain game ending threats, restorative card advantage, or inscribe with a late game upside. It just so happens that fire has a well tested legend that ticks all these boxes to a sufficient degree.

Xo of the Endless Hoard. Need I say more. Don't be afraid to pitch this guy early on to ensure you hit your 3/4 drops on curve. If power allows, he makes for a great late game drop to clog the board, wipe out a go-wide line up, or refill a hand with troves.


Flame Blast - pull for scalable removal or reach

Kaleb's Persuader - the go to option to replace an unplayable or unwanted card in hand. Immediately pairs well with the merchant who grabbed it.

Full Tilt - Fire's only board wipe. Not universal enough to be considered a great board wipe but better than no wipe at all. Most decks that run higher toughness that power units aren't the ones you will be needing this against anyway.

Halotipped Spray - pull for fix power screw, reach, or to smash some the pesky late game relics that some AI deploy

Great-Kiln Titan - Breaks late game stalls. Big ole body that generates recurring card advantage

Thanks for reading this far! Please drop any suggestions in the comments. I hope these decks help inspire and guide other aspiring deck builders.

I also have a budget version linked below that uses only non-campaign commons and uncommons. Just pardon my dust until i can write up its guide.

Budget Fire Goods G-PM


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Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]
Trials of Grodov [Set1006]
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]


February 2, 2023

January 8, 2023


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Behemoths of Thera

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