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Improved Dichro's Maul

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Improved version of the Timeless Maul deck, credits to Bougredane. I saw that Gauntlet deck he had created, which had a funny negative comment on it. It seemed like the combo worked and would be interesting to use, it just needed more removal of both the single and multi-target variety. I switched out a few useless cards for Feeding Time, Lipa, and Saloon Massacres, and ended up going 7-0 in my first Gauntlet run.

The main thing to know here is that I rarely actually used the Maul card to win. By far the most important card is Dichro's Ruin. Always try to get as many Dichro's into play at once as you can, which should be the main thing you play with Elvish Swindler. Dichro's and Pinnacle of the Reach is a great opening hand combo. Then, just draw as many cards as you can, and using a Crisis of Faith with two or more Dichro's can be devastating. Other than that, just wait until they have several small units in play for Heavy Hail/Saloon Massacre, or wait for big threats to use your Permafrost, Feeding Time, Lipa ability on to keep them under control. I generally used my Know When to Hold 'em on Gatecrash Trooper for extra draw if I was low on cards or Mistveil Drake for the free Aegis.


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Into Shadow [Set1004]


June 29, 2024


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Swatches Edited Eternal Version: 24.06.19
wow, great work on this deck. what a cool idea. i like wrath of caiphus to fix power and get a reliable drain in the late game. i cut 2 crisis in its place and may go up to 4.

i cut lipa and added 4 wilderness delivery to set up a market. i moved maul to the market as well.
Robert Eternal Version: 24.06.19
Seems funny, so far I won 1 out of three gauntlet runs yet. IMHO, it's good to add furious accusation, it can help in case of missing cards in hands, and it's quite good with crisis of faith while dichro is in play
AreMae Eternal Version: 24.06.19
Seems fun, ill try it
Thanks for sharing!
alamat01 Eternal Version: 24.06.19
I suggest adding 2 Disciplinary studies. They can be played using Elvish Swindler. I find Wrath of Caiphus better over all than Maul
StrangerSurprise Eternal Version: 24.06.19
Since Disciplinary studies are white, I don't think it's worth adding them since they would mess up Feln Insignia always being undepleted when played, although they do seem like a good way to slow the enemy down. Wrath of Caiphus seems useful though, I'll try it out.