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Draft 014 4-3

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1st picked Towering Stranger over Stormcrasher. 2nd picked Prosecutor at Arms over Aerialist Trainer. Green was dry. Primal was open. Opened up Xenan Obelisk on the 2nd pack, which I know is just absurd. Shadow apparently was open too after I received several late Deathstrikes. I ended up all over the place due to trying to stick to Hooru, realizing Shadow was open late, and opening Time bombs. Opened a Black Sky Harbinger in the 4th pack so I guess I’m break even regardless of how the deck performs.

Ended up dropping the Shadow splash because it was the weaker of the two splashes even though its fixing was better. I expect this deck to go 1-3.

G1: Great opener. Borderlands Waykeeper into Skysnapper. My opponent made a 4/4 ground unit, but never swung with it into 1/3 and 3/2. The ground only became more stalled so I ultimated the Borderlands Waykeeper and kept swinging. His Fourth-Tree Elder died to my Bring Down. He only played one other flier so Skysnapper went all the way.
G2: Mediocre opener. My stranger traded for his Lethrai Ranger. I took 8 damage before I drew a 3rd power. Still couldn’t block effectively until my Prosecutor at Arms shrunk his 4/4. My Roosting Owl stopped his air attacks. I had Bring Down for his Makto. My board slowly grew larger than his. He attacked with everything that left me at 3 life but his board weakened. My Icequake destroyed most of his board. I had him low, but was too conservative and only attacked with 2 units to leave enough blockers in case he had removal or charge. His topdecked Trickster’s Cloak completed a great game.
G3: My opponent got stuck at 3 power. Skysnapper and Pteriax Hatchlings ended the game quickly.
G4: Average opener. Stranger into Skysnapper. I used Bring Down on his Blistering Wasp and Dragonbreath on his Sand Viper. He killed my Skysnapper somewhow and followed up a 5/5 and Healer’s Cloak. I was stuck on 4 power with 3 six power cards in my hand. My opponent was conservative and didn’t want to trade his 7/7 for my 3 units. So I kept attacking in the air. My Xenan Obelisk further increased my clock and clogged the ground. He started growing a Shadowlands Bonepicker. Eventually he started attacking but I could just chump block. He conceded when I played my 4th flier.
G5: Slow opener. Slimespitter Slug killed both of our fliers. Roosting Owl into Prosecutor at Arms only shrunk it a little bit. I was setting up for Icequake, which would have killed 3 of his units, but still hadn’t figured out what to do about the Slug. His Finest Hour ended my conundrum.
G6: Mediocre opener. We sat staring at each other for many turns. My 2/2 vs his 1/4. We periodically added new units. He used Outlands Sniper on my 3/2. I Static Bolted the flier he got from Marsen’s Disciple. He drew more power than I did so we were essentially even. The 1st attack of the game was with his Sandglass Sentinel. I blocked with a 4/4 and 2/2. He played Trigger Happy. I countered with Bring Down. Everything traded. No damage dealt. Eventually I drew and attacked with a Lumbering Gruan. He never found a good blocker for it. My Hero of the People into Pteriax Hatchling earned the concession.
G7: Good opener. Valkyrie Aspirant into stranger into Borderlands Waykeeper into ultimate. I got decent damage in. He countered Ice Sprite to pop Aegis into Mirror Image to lock down a flier. I had Dragonbreaths so we were back to racing. He tried to block with Ice Sprite and Strength of Many but I had my own Strength of Many. His Skycrag Wyvarch turned everything around. I drew enough power to ultimate the Valkyrie Aspirant but he had Vanquish.

Overall, the deck did better than expected. Decent unit quality compensated somewhat for lack of tricks/removal. But multiple opponents were also power screwed or flooded.


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October 8, 2017


Eternal Version
The Tale of Horus Traver

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