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Cinder Clutch Dragons [Exp Top 100]

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This is my take on the Skcyrag Dragon/Burn deck that is flying around. Currently rank 61, might try to go higher but I'm more concerned about the Throne ECQ so it will probably get put on the backburner.

The deck is mostly an aggro burn deck disguised as a midrange deck. The core of the deck is Cinder Clutch, Acedonis, Untainted, and Spellbound Vestige. With either a hit from Acedonis or a lot of spell damage from Vestige + Touch of Force + 1-2 different dragons, you can easily cast Cinder Clutch for 4+ damage and then swarm the board with snakes. Although Cinder Clutch is the best target for all the spell damage, you're still happy to hit a Sear or Kaleb's Favor with an Acedonis hit and nuke a big unit or, preferably, their face.

Burningcore Drake might seem weak but I've been pretty happy with it. It flies, hits for 3, and is a Dragon, and sadly being a flying 3-attack unit actually makes it better than even a lot of Fire's units in Throne. Tattoo Dragon is also quite good, and will very fequently make a 2/2 every turn. Ways you can activate it include Blazing Salvo to draw a card from the Market, Kaleb's Favor, Cozin Darkheart triggering to draw a Treasure Trove, casting a Treasure Trove, Dragon Forge, and Decimating your Emblems.

I like the market a lot as is. Although other people played Provoke the Dragons mainboard, I think it's better in the market as you need the space to cram more dragons. Draconic Ire is also insane in this metagame and is one of the reasons I think the deck is doing particularly well.

In general, redraw for a hand with at least 1-2 units to use early on and some functional power. Remember that you're a burn deck: unless you have an insane start, you're probably going to be behind on the board against reasonable midrange decks, so you need to stop killing their units after a certain point and prepare to just burn them out to close the game.

The deck is very explosive. It can win games out of nowhere with 10+ damage burn spells and can create completely broken starts that you just can't recover from. It can feel inconsistent at times, and I'm unsure if it can become more consistent, but with a little luck and creativity you can find a lot of ways to win games that feel unwinnable.

A notable exclusion is Skywatch Zealot. I tried this card a lot but honestly I think it's just not that good. Skycrag doesn't have the tools to draw games out, and it's often just an 0/3 for 3. Even with the draw, that makes it only slightly better than a Treasure Trove, which this deck has a ton of. However, this deck still desperately wants another good two-drop, but I don't think there is one... RIP Endra. She would have been perfect here. I also tried Kazuo, Melee Virtuoso but he just doesn't belong here and really isn't that good in a format full of 1/1's to sacrifice.

Other cards I think are worth trying are Thunder of Wings (which is mostly excluded due to lack of small units), Innate Conviction (a card that is much better in a low power format like Expedition), and Midias, Leyline Dragon. I also think Volatility could be intended for the deck, but it would likely need to be restructured quite a bit around cards like Thunder of Wings and Sindok, Rage Incarnate, as you'd need probably 12+ 5-drops in order for it to be decent and you wouldn't want most of those cards to actually cost you 5 power to play them.

Lastly, matchups: it does well against Elysian Flyers, most ground-based Stranger decks, FTJ Armory, and all decks that are not fully tuned (which, currently, is most of them.) The deck struggles vs. control decks, such as the control based versions of FTS Sacrifice, which unfortunately for this deck is becoming very popular.

That's all. This deck archtype is incredibly fun and is some of the most fun I've had playing Eternal in a long time. Good luck!

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Promises by Firelight [Set1007]


February 18, 2020

February 17, 2020


Eternal Version
v1.50 - Echoes of Eternity

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Tossthegoats Eternal Version: 1.50.6
I'm having quite a bit of trouble piloting this deck, stuck trying to rank up from Diamond 1 to Master. I'm running into a lot of control decks, lots of armory.
Paradox Eternal Version: 1.50.6
Control decks are your worst matchup, so that's likely the main issue. I'd probably switch to something else if it seems like most opponents are on control and keeping you off all your units.
Psyduck Eternal Version: 1.50.6
This deck is the best kind of unfair. I've been playing it all morning, and some of the highlights include 4x 7-damage sears, 7 flamefangs in one turn, fighting through multiple ila and mizos and thunderstrike dragons, and swinging for 20 with a berserk double damage teething whelp. thanks so much!
OneAntic Eternal Version: 1.50.5
As of my writing this comment, I'm sitting at rank 45 in expedition thanks to this deck. Thanks for the great list and write-up.
Paradox Eternal Version: 1.50.5
Glad to hear it! Congrats!