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TJP Soldiers [Rank 1 Expedition Clickbait]

Expedition Deck By
The Great Parliament


Cost Curve




Currently Rank 1 with this deck, mostly played Hooru and TJP Soldiers to get there.

Cards that were at some point in the Deck and maybe or not should be in the deck:

- No Market and Argo Ironthorn main
- Cast Out
- No Permafrost
- No Call on Allies or more Call on Allies
- Seek Power (No clue, but it seems the Powerbase somehow works)
- Auric Record Keeper

Absolutely not sure about the right list and the Powerbase probably also needs improvement.
But the deck feels very strong and Hifos is a flexible Monster and does EVERYTHING for the deck! :)

I'm open for suggestions if someone finds a better list :)

Expedition Information


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
1 3 2

Power Sources
7 15 13 14 4

Power Calculator
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Deck Rarities
8 31 21 4 9

Card Types
38 4 13 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Buried Memories [Set1105]

Aggro Midrange

February 13, 2021


Eternal Version
Buried Memories

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Supermaus Eternal Version: 21.02.24
Seeing your list prompted me to get mine on here, I wouldn't say it's better but it did pretty well too this month

I'm a big fan of maindeck Argo, but that might just be me loving playing Argo and accessing from the market could be fine still.
Static Eternal Version: 21.02.11
Have you tried safe return in the market? I haven't played with it enough to say it's good for sure, but using it with customs officer is absolutely filthy
Serus Eternal Version: 21.02.11
Haha so you're the one who keeps trying to gun for my spot lol I'm also running a soldier build. How's Hifos feeling? I've been wary of trying to go three faction in an aggro list.