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Master Mono Red

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Hello everyone! My name is Buhlan, and I recently achieved the rank of Master in Eternal using this very deck! How, you may ask? I have no idea!

Okay, realistically, this deck is very powerful. It has a lot of similarities with Skycrag Aggro as it shares a lot of the same cards, but since this deck is a singular color, it is a lot more consistent on the casting of some of the most important cards in the deck, being Flame Blast, Groundbreaker, and Soulfire Drake, all of which have very influence intensive mana costs if you are playing a 2 or 3 color deck. Oh, not to mention that Skycrag also doesn't run Obliterate, which is an absolute all-star in any Red deck.

The deck is obviously very aggressive, with its best hands including cards like Oni Ronin, Pyroknight, Rakano Outlaw, and Torch for the early game, with a mid game card like Obliterate or Groundbreaker and some lands rounding out the hand. Your Warcry creatures will carry games, so don't be afraid to burn a Torch on a relatively small creature if it means you can get one or two extra Warcry triggers out of your Oni Ronin or your Rakano Outlaw.

Spells that you have to be wary of are Lightning Storm on turns 2 - 4, Harsh Rule from turns 5 onwards, and cheap spot removal spells like Torch and Vara's Favor, though very often you cannot play around those, and that's just how it goes.

When playing against Hooru Midrange, or any Midrange/Control strategy playing Hooru colors, be careful not to play into Eilyn's Choice, as that card is usually dead against you so want to try and minimize the amount of chances your opponent can use it on you. In those matches, try putting your weapons on your Grenadin Drones, and spread damage evenly across the board.

Your two worst matches are Feln Control, and Combrei. Feln Control has every answer imaginable, like Vara's Favor, Annihilate, Suffocate, Permafrost... you get the idea, it's a struggle. Black Sky Harbinger, Steward of the Past, and Feln Bloodcaster are all walls as well, and require 2 for 1s in order to punch through them. It's a nightmare.

Combrei is only bad for 3 cards, and they are Combrei Healer, Sandstorm Titan, and Harsh Rule. Like Feln Bloodcaster, Combrei Healer is a 3 mana wall that will stop all of your aggression in its tracks. There isn't really any way to play around Healer or SST, just pray that they don't have them and run them over with aggression.

Overall, the deck is very fun to play, and will punish your opponent for keeping greedy hands. It lacks consistency and draw power, its only form of card advantage coming from Ornate Katana, and even then it only replaces itself. Nevertheless, you will win games handily with the absurd draws that this deck can pull out.

I hope this deck is to everyone's liking! Please, have fun with it, and feel free to share any ideas or improvements that could be made upon the deck!


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July 23, 2017


Eternal Version
Omens of the Past

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