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Event #2 Sealed Deck 21-19

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The deck I used to achieve a 21-19 run on this second sealed event. My card pool was very odd once again, and the deck was extremely weak at the beginning and performing poorly, so I decided to wait until last week to make a new version and run my remaining 30 ladder matches.

Doing so I wasted many tiebreaker games, but even at high rank, a tie win only gives you about +20, so it's not a big deal compared to securing a decent win/loss record which ranks you much higher. Finally I got rank 2760.

The deck is pretty straightforward, basically trade a few cards then try to build up one or two big flyers with weapons to end the game fast, while putting up a defensive layer of small blokes to snatch a few extra turns and trading troublesome enemy flyers with confessor/extracts if necessary. The 3 rioters were cheap options yet often ended up stalling the game effectively for a few turns. The deck had a few tricks to survive the late game, but no way to sustain itself after eating a critical removal, and it almost always lost to decks like tribal sentinel that line up huge numbers of big goons. It generally did put up a good fight even against those dank decks though, I notably played against a green/blue flyer deck running an Amili (some lucky guys out there) and pushed her to spawn a 6/6 before I lost

On the first week, I only had one of each Morningstar, Extract, Confessor, Stranger and Overseer; coming back at week 4, I opened up a second one of each, together with the Fourth-Tree Elder, Shortbarrel, Crownwatch Deserter, Acolyte, a 3rd Rioter, and a Memory Dredger that made the Failed Reflection an ever bigger bomb when given time to build up. His 3/4 flying body and ability to bring back 2c blockers, pesky flyers and a mana search often made him a sizeable threat on his own.

All in all, in my case waiting for the last week was worth it, and these few cards managed to shape a shabby, weak aggro deck into a structured removal check that could now consistently hurl a flying 5/5 at the opponents face on turn 4, and even build up huge Aegis/Lifesteal reflections on a few occasions, which was a funny thing to see in limited.

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League - Chapter 18: A Search for Answers
May 1-28, 2018
Follow Kaleb into the wild North in search of the truth about his family


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May 30, 2018


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Sealed Deck League

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