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So many 6/6es, so little time...

A different flavor of Chi! Chi's been nerfed you say? Well, how 'bout you nerf them! Fluctuate Reality and Mandatory Retirement takin' care of anything above a 3/3. Should be pretty simple to deduce what to hit with Porcelain Mask. Hit their Eldings, hit their Alheds, hit their Jekks, hit their Overloaders! Basically if you detect a bomb, defuse it. You can always poof it if they trot it out for the body, plus you know they're desperate then. Also, aside from one plunder effect, this deck's totally immune to Grand Suppressor! That was a nice surprise! Nonetheless, It'll definitely feel nerve-wracking managing the board until your first 5 drop hits. I'm very fond of decks like this, for whatever reason.

Gameplan: Stall until turn 4, play Sling (hopefully with a Transpose to protect it) and nick at their health with overwhelm until it's clear they, themselves, are overwhelmed.

Mandatory Retirement Is exactly what this deck was missing: a way to deal with other Sling of the Chis (now that it doesn't protect itself from this) and a big beatstick dealer, all at 2 power! Cirso's Choice fits so neatly here for cleaning up 2/1s and deflecting the relic hate people are packing specifically for SotC. Fluctuate Reality used to be Polymorph, but I needed something bigger to fend off Stonescar midrange. Also, Worldbearer Behemoth keeps its attack charges when cloned with Replication Cell! Neat!

Weaknesses: wide aggro can overwhelm you if Cirso's Choice is being coy, games where your Chi refuses to come out of hiding can be brutal (don't even think of swapping in Calibrate; you need those 1-and-2-slots for removal and Transpose!), and combo decks that Porcelain Mask couldn't catch in time tend to just go off, I guess.

It does well against Elding Dredge, Anti-Elding Combrei, and More Standard Chi. That's all I care about at the moment.

Replacement Notes:
Daraka, Queensguard Is a good replacement for Ayur, Ageless Behemoth without so many Darkwater Vines flying about. PPP is practically guaranteed by turn 6 in this deck, but Surprise Behemoth overwhelms Elding matchups in a way Daraka can't.
Or Gnash, Desert Prince if Flying decks are giving you trouble (and Grand Suppressor decks aren't).

After testing, there are a lot of cards here that seem good but don't work here for one reason or another:

- The Throne Room's too slow (for both aegis and units)
- Savage Incursion whiffs against empty boards (and non-Elding decks)
- All this transforming tempts Mind Link, but as usual with Link, it just gives you garbage instead of utility
- Marshal Izia's a cool choice but not sticky enough to be useful after that big summon
- Ila & Mizo + 2 Sling of the Chis = full board AND one-sided board wipe. However, it doesn't keep its 6 mastery when cloned with Replication Cell, and 7 health is more useful with 3/3s floating around (plus other Chi decks) AND it doesn't thin your deck of power, which it turns out is really useful here when endgame approaches.
- Spitflame Draconus is just a worse Queensguard (in this deck), and

- Rost got hit with the nerf stick :(
I guess you could say this deck's title is pretty... CHI-sey! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)>⌐■-■


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Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Homecoming [Set1005]
Promises by Firelight [Set1007]
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]
Bastion Rising [Set1097]


June 7, 2021


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AntiVector Edited Eternal Version: 21.05.18
Currently experimenting replacing Wisdom of the Elders with a playset of one more 6/6 (and above) gas. Grodov's Stranger is my first test subject. Need more data to determine consistency. Let me know your results!