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Ladies on the dancefloor

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Another hawk shuffle meme deck, this one with a catchy name. Ladies on the dancefloor comes from the fact that the goal of the deck is to play a bunch of Vara and Eilyn clones/to bring back Vara a bunch with haunting scream.

There are other minor win conditions too, like just pushing face damage without comboing or doing the combo with gorgon fanatic but those are a side dish for this delicious meal packed with chicken, potatoes and opponents that concede because you got to a combo turn and played about 30 cards due to having 4 Eilyns on the board.

Here is an example run-down of a lategame combo turn:

You have 2 varas out, 2 eilyns and a couple of hawks lying around.

You play re-read to draw a levitate. The re-read triggers the eilyns, one hits scream the other hits mirror image. You scream out a vara that already died, mirror image it. You play the levitate to draw a card and get two more triggers. One hits a schism which you play on a vara, the other gets a copy of good idea at the time you shuffled in earlier out of boredom. You draw a backlash from your deck as the levitate draw, target it with good idea at the time.

You play a scream you had in your hand, scream out a hawk that died. You target a re-read and trigger the eilyns who both hit other re-reads. One draws you a mirror image, the other a good idea at the time. You mirror image the vara and play the good idea at the time. I could keep going but I don't really feel the need to, you get the picture.

Notable cards:

Malediction - this is a pretty key card but not for the reason you might think. Yeah it's great as a removal spell against wide boards of enemies, but it's also here to clear your hawks. Fun fact about haunting scream, mirror image and schism: they don't let you kill one of your minions to play/copy the new one when your board is full (at least when played using Eilyn I'm not actually sure outside of that) so malediction is very useful lategame to murder your random half a dozen hawks lying around. It also doesn't kill even an unbuffed vara, which is pretty important. You can clear the hawks and do a little bit of comboing one turn and then go full force the next.

Re-read - I have to thank the opponent that played this card against me a short time ago. I had 0 idea this card existed before then, it's an amazing card for combo decks and control decks alike. It lets you use spells you'd rather keep hold of because you know you'll have the choice of getting them back later, and in the case of this deck lets you combo harder and for cheaper as it's a low cost spell that triggers Eilyn while also giving you more cards that trigger her.

Vara vengeance seeker - This absolute monster of a card is powerful to say the least. Everyone reading this can probably think of a dozen+ times they've used it, or have gone against it and it was a big swing on the board. Imagine playing 6 of these in a single turn with charge and flying, essentially for free. Not even for the face damage but for the healing too, she's simultaneously your primary means of removal, sustain and face damage rolled into one.

Frost talisman - this card is leftover from a version of the deck with swindler in, and should probably be taken out or left as 1 or 2 in. That's why it's notable.

Jarral's frostkin - a pseudo-Vara. Heals you by freezing enemies and preventing their attacks, deals damage by allowing you to push past the frozen minions and is temporary removal. Well, sometimes temporary. It's kind of permenant when you play several of them every turn from haunting screams. If the enemy has lifesteal fliers, or you have some troops on the land that you want to be able to get by too then this is the card to bring back instead of vara.


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Into Shadow [Set1004]


May 15, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.46 - Dark Frontier

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Revisions (Since last major patch) May 15, 2019


x4nder Eternal Version: 1.46.3
Hmm the idea sounds fun but the deck has 86 cards. Is that intentional?
bundas Eternal Version: 1.46.3
This version does, a newer one I've done has a more streamlined 50/75. It's not a hyper-aggro deck or anything so nothing really wrong with 86 cards?
x4nder Eternal Version: 1.46.3
the Idea of having less cards in a deck is for consistency. It's almost never advisable to go more than the minimum card count due to the potential inconsistency you will face.
bundas Eternal Version: 1.46.3
Yup, I'm aware. But this is a meme deck afterall.

The new version meant to be competitive at least somewhat has the standard number like I said, this version's really just for pulling off a silly combo. I've got a felnscar version of this deck that's smaller and more competitive too (less memey, more focus on actually killing the opponent) but still a way off.