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Zhen-Zu Means turbo Mill Combo

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Concept: The interaction between Zhen-Zu, Hand of Nahid and Means to an End means that at the beginning of each turn you can, with multiple copies, create a loop that discards a high (not infinite, but high) number of cards in a single turn, at the beginning of your turn, or with one large instance of life gain or discard (Marsh Dragon or Sunset Priest), create a feedback loop that grows instead of shrinks with each iteration, instantly milling yourself out in a single turn.

Hold onto at least one Zhen Zu before you have 5 power for Zhen and Means, 7 power is 2 Zhens + 1 means, 8 is 2 means + 1 Zhen, if you swing with a Nahid's faithful for any sort of damage, or drop a sunset priest after your combo is set up (or sac with marsh dragon), you'll get there or have an impossibly large board, vulnerable only to multiple sweepers

If opponent has gained over 50 life, you probably didn't have the board control or speed to get to your combo, 26-50 however is generally manageable - Chip matters!

Mulligans -
Temple Scribe, High Prophet of Sol + Nahid's Faithful along with Nahid's Faithful.
Eager Offering is medium but it's a 4 toughness chump blocker on 3.
Nahid's choice and Sunset Priest act as Face Aegis removal
Crack the Earth - play it at the end of opponent's first turn if you keep it in your opening hand

Eremot's Machinations (draw into it)
Means to an End without Nahid (bad tempo play on curve, can be fetched with scheme, or disjunction if you mow it)

If your Void is full, crack for Marsh Dragon, if it's empty go for Bloodcall Invoker, if you need high power removal or a unitless win, Oblivion Spike, recursion, Ancient Excavator

If the deck fails to fully mill itself out it usually falls back as a fairly fast beat down deck. Each +1 life on discard/moving to the void is considered an instance of lifeforce for Katra, the Devoted and thus even one successful proc of 1 Zhen-Zu + 1 Means to an End creates big bodies to control the board with.


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June 21, 2020

June 11, 2020


Eternal Version
Shadow of the Spire

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Asmoday1232 Eternal Version: 20.09.03
Gave this a try. It i such a highroll pure luck deck. You either get lucky in drawing your cards or you lose. Horrible deck outside of pure highroll high RNG luck based meme.