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Feln Mill (Masters Jan '21)

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Went from bottom of Diamond 2 to Masters with this. I hardly believed that I was actually winning with this brew (and I don't think the deck is particularly close to being the best), but there's some good ideas here.

Darkwater Vines is a very good 1 drop that is extremely annoying against aggro, and can highroll into discarding Felrauk from your deck.

We have 8 Plunders between Exploit and Huntress, which along with Honor of Claws makes having 4 Jotun Hurlers very worthwhile since we always have some spare cards to turn into power/discard.

8 Plunders also allow us to keep 2 power hands, especially if we have a Jotun Hurler as well.

6 market access cards to the best Xenan Reanimator tech card Toll of Warfare actually makes the matchup pretty good.

Transpose allows us to protect Tome decently.

I probably should change up the powerbase a bit.


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Influence Requirements
3 3

Power Sources
19 21 15

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Deck Rarities
11 21 34 8

Card Types
23 4 28 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Homecoming [Set1005]
Promises by Firelight [Set1007]
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]


January 12, 2021


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Empire of Glass

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lod254 Eternal Version: 21.02.24
Thanks for the deck. I love mill but my even mill hasn't been very competitive. This feels much better.
JayHova_ Eternal Version: 21.01.13
"an highroll into discarding Felrauk from your deck."
I dont think that combo works. at least it didnt for me
LordPerth Eternal Version: 21.01.13
It works, but only if you have 3 shadow and 3 primal influence, so you usally wont get it before turn 3.
oldrich Eternal Version: 21.01.13
Love this! Made zero changes and I was able to pull myself from D2 to #87 :-) never have i ever been top 100 anything
TempestDragonKing Eternal Version: 21.01.08
I've also brought this deck to Masters from Diamond III. I like this list a ton, though I've made a few changes myself. I've added two Primal Symbols (over a Banner and one of the Shadow Sigils) to turn the Waystones on slightly easier, trimmed down on some of the removal to add 2 Permafrosts (though it should be Defile in this meta instead, which has lots of good hits), and put in a one-of Solitude, which actually won me a few matches.

Turn to Seed's really the only flex slot in the Market, I think. The rest is pretty much ideal right now. I was pretty happy with Forbidden Research in that slot, but currently have it as In Cold Blood for a good removal option. As a final note, this deck is extremely good against a variety of control decks with the amount of hand disruption it has, and only really suffers majorly in the mirror and the occasional Sling list.
Reyemile Eternal Version: 21.01.08
How’s Felrauk performing for you? I generally don’t like running him with Honor of Claws as my only outlet to discard him from my hand. Possibly cut Frogs for Forbidden Research in the market? Or find room for Strategize, so you can tuck him on the bottom for your Mandrakes to hit.
Aiwinne Eternal Version: 21.01.08
Felrauk does end up sitting in my hand with no way to discard him quite a bit. I almost rather take out Turn to Seed for Research rather than Frogs in this meta, since Elysian/Kira have way too many ways to dodge Seed, while Frogs shuts down Amplify combo.