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Seriously, just draw all the cards. Baying Serasaur and Psionic Savant both get buff off the card draw, with echo units and spells pumping them up extra hard. The more you draw the more power you will inevitably have which is good for Mystic Ascendant, which will draw you more cards which will buff your units. Attacking with Jotun Feast-Caller will draw more cards to buff your units. Plus, all the card draw helps you draw your answers for sticky situations.

Basically, what I'm telling you is I like card draw and you should too.

Honestly, it is possible you just want to get rid of Psionic Savant in favor of another card. She seems like she may be a win-more card but I am not 100% sure yet. Also the numbers of Jotun Feast-Callers and Mystic Ascendants are variable, right now I have more Ascendents because typically it is easier to activate but it is possible that is erroneous thinking.

The sideboard is full of cards I do not yet have or have not yet done much testing on but I feel could fit well in the deck, so take it with a grain of salt but feel free to try what you think is best. I'm not the greatest deck builder after all.

Most of all just try to have fun with the deck. Let me know if you have any questions, comments, concerns, reccomendations, whatever. I will be happy to respond to anything. Have fun.


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2 3

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15 18 8

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22 29 7 5

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30 4 16 0 25


February 27, 2018

February 25, 2018


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