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Endless Killers

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Here's a 1st pass at a Xenan recurring Killers list for the new Expedition format. Dawnwalker + Endless Nightmare seemed like the perfect start for that shell. Combined those with other 1, 2, & 3 drops with some good Cultist and/or void synergies, and a pile of Eremot's Machinations, for what turned into a deck that has a been ton of fun to play.

I've ran this in Masters ladder for a few days now, with mixed results.

The recurring Killers are a nightmare for certain decks, and buffed Endless Nightmares bringing back Dawnwalkers can be a solid endgame against some slower decks.

On the downside, many good cards completely shut down the plan. Condemn & Defile counter the Dawnwalker and Nightmare, Shen-ra Speaks can silence your board (although Machinations can still bring back their vanilla bodies), and Grodov's Stranger will ruin your day if it is given the chance to attack.

The format is still being figured out, so there is some theoretical metas where this deck shines, but this likely isn't a contender while those cards above are popular.

Some issues with this build of the deck itself that will need some improvement:
* I'm short on power way too much. This deck probably needs some combination of more power and/or Seek Power. Maybe High Prophet of Sol, if you modify this into more of a traditional Cultists deck.
* Influence can be an issue at times too, especially the 1st shadow or the 4th time (although you generally aren't recurring Dawnwalkers early anyway - outside of Makker's Stranger, you usually bring them back with buffed void units).
* The market is mostly filler.
** A lot of the time you'll use Crack the Earth early for the Cultist into Ark of Sol, and don't even want to swap a card.
** When I do get a market card, its usually Striking Snake Formation.
** I've grabbed Grodov's Burden a couple times, but it's usually been win-more at that point.
** Oblivion Spike and Twinbrood Sauropod have good uses in theory (late-game finisher/removal, and Dawnwalker tiggers, respectively), but I don't think I've used them yet.

Hope you enjoy this if you take it for a spin, I'd be happy to hear suggestions for improvements too!

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3 2

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19 14 8

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15 13 39 4

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32 2 21 0 25


February 24, 2020


Eternal Version
v1.50 - Echoes of Eternity

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