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Hojanless Hojan Hour

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This is the main deck I've been playing for the last few weeks, and I think it's quite good - at least, good enough that I've been hanging around near the top of the ladder for most of that time (currently rank 3 (edit: up to rank 1 the day after posting this)).

The deck plays out a lot like Temporal - you want to make all your power drops, chain card-draw spells together, and eventually if you don't die then you will win with Hour or Chains (from the market). You have a bunch of units, but you really don't care if they die. The original version of this deck contained Hojan (who can be renowned with Vara's Favor, Devour, or Swear Vengeance from Tomb), but it quickly became apparent that turning on opposing Torches and Snowballs was not worth it. As things stand, Torch is quite bad against this deck. Hojan lives on in the name of the deck though (HHH).

Some additional comments:

1) Your ideal opening is T1 unit, T2 Lost Scroll, T3 Tomb. In general almost any hand that can play Lost Scroll or Devour on turn 2 is a keep, and any hand with multiple plays that curve into Tomb is good too (e.g. Favor -> Slay -> Tomb). Basically you just want to get rolling with Devours and 4-drops (Tomb and Press-Gang) as soon as possible.

2) Usually Slumbering Stone is better than Tock Tick and you want to play it first, fetch it with Press-Gang, and so on. There are a few reasons to prefer Tock Tick occasionally though. Blocking x/1s (e.g. Onion or Snowcrust Yeti) is the obvious one, but also playing a Tock Tick out and getting it killed before playing Press-Gang can be pretty good, since drawing a destiny Tock Tick with Press-Gang digs you a card deeper to the non-1-drop cards in your deck. It is sometimes even correct to Vara's Favor your own Tock Tick to set this up. Also, Tock Tick is better if you have Chains in play and want additional threats.

3) Smuggler usage: Against aggro, you usually just want to get Defiance, though End of the Story can be good if you can wait until 6. Against midrange, having access to End of the Story is important and Vanquish is an efficient answer to Moonstone Vanguard or Xo. In any game where you can get to 8 power, Chains is a very powerful way to seal the game up, and Burglarize is important to fight opposing Chains/Pits. It's worth noting that you often don't want to play out Smugglers until fairly late against FJS, especially if you don't have good market food (uncastable Hours or duplicate Sleepless Nights are the best, or excess 1-drops if you have a bunch). It isn't necessarily clear what you want to get with a Smuggler, and if you get Chains too early it might just get Sabotaged by an opposing Tomb. Also, If you want to make this deck much better against reanimator, you should play Gavel in the market instead of Vanquish.

4) Tomb is the best card in the deck. It isn't always good against aggro (though still Sabotaging Obliterate/Maul/Plate right after they get it from the market can be good), but in general Tomb just does everything this deck wants - it's a cheap card advantage engine that helps you hit your power drops and does a lot to lower the cost of your Hours. Your 1-drops and Press-Gangs are great at protecting Tomb from attackers, but don't be afraid to play an inadequately defended Tomb - at worst, it will still let you Sabotage or Lingering Influence, reduce the cost of Hours by 2, and gain some amount of life. It's certainly nice if Tomb survives and makes Elias, but Elias is not your main wincon, just extra value.

5) Sleepless Night is great here - you often play out your hand pretty quickly (especially when you ramped with Lost Scroll), and Sleepless Night lets you refuel. Don't try too hard to play Sleepless Night with an empty hand - playing Sleepless Night with 2 other cards in hand is still something close to a draw 6. In general if you have only 1-2 other non-power cards in hand and don't have immediate uses for those cards (e.g. removal spells with no targets, Hours that aren't that close to being castable) then you should just slam Sleepless Night. Chaining Sleepless Nights, Devours, and Culls together lets you churn through your deck lategame to find the answers you need and the Hours/Smugglers to close out the game.

6) Don't get greedy with Hours - you should be happy to Smuggler them away early on or discard them to Sleepless Night if they are still several turns away from castability. Hours are an important part of your endgame, but you can always dig for more of them when you are ready to play them.

7) The influence requirements of this deck are a little strange - they are very light for most of the game (just needing JJ for Harsh Rule), but then suddenly in the endgame you want JJJJSSSSSS. This usually isn't a problem though - if you have JJ already and are playing Lost Scroll, just get whichever sigil there are more of left in the deck unless you actually know which of Chains/Hour you will want to play first. This also helps with not running out of sigils for Vara's Favor or Lingering Influence.

8) Your matchups are generally pretty solid - you have enough ground blockers and early interaction to be fine against aggro, and you do a good job of going over the top of midrange or control. I honestly feel slightly favored against most decks out there right now, and strongly favored against a few (e.g. Xenan can't really do much against you). Reanimator is probably one of the toughest matchups (if you don't play Gavel in the market).


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March 11, 2019

March 10, 2019


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Ardog Eternal Version: 1.45.7
Been playing this deck for a month now and i must say that this deck is alot of fun. WR is around 80% atm and seems to work extremely well in the current meta, even if the deck is created over 2 month ago. Thumbs up!
HamAndSwiss Edited Eternal Version: 1.44
This deck is a blast. I cut a few cards to squeeze 3 copies of Makto in, and I found that it made a pretty significant impact in my WR. He does a good job of bridging from the early chump units to lategame WH's while benefitting from all the draw effects and generally just keeps the opponent busy. Went 19-3 to masters. Thanks for sharing!
anti_fun Eternal Version: 1.44
this deck rules
truxcer Edited Eternal Version: 1.44
Very solid deck, but i had positive record against it with Jennev Control, something like 6-2 atm, lots of ways to deal with Tomb and counterspells against Night/Hour.
Ninjacan Eternal Version:
if you have a slumbering stone and a gargoyle in play, and play tomb, which one would be better to give revenge to?
isomorphic Eternal Version:
Usually Slumbering Stone, since it costs 1 so you can fetch it with Press-Gang.
Ninjacan Eternal Version: 1.44
oh, didn't consider that!
Comment Deleted
Tonychou Eternal Version:
This deck has trouble facing aegis deck or talir combo deck.
NoMaD24 Eternal Version:
Im currently rank 7 on the ladder so we ran into each other multiple times. While i manged to take 1 out of 3 games of this deck i can for sure say its very strong and is very annoying to play againts. From what i can tell if it loses it loses to its own bad draw, otherwise you should have a good matchup a lot of the times.