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Freeze Mage

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Now that I've hit Legend in Wild- ahem, sorry, Masters in Throne with this deck, I feel confident sharing it to the public. The basic idea of this deck isn't particularly original- stack a bunch of red influence to get a really big Flash Fire as well as other burn cards using Shavkan Dogma. The big realization I had about this deck archetype is that it's not meant to be aggro, it's meant to be control! In mono red! See, the core idea of Shavkan Dogma is to set a strict timer- if you get to 16 influence, you're probably going to win real quick. But aggro doesn't need a timer, because aggro cards are already very fast timers. So instead, the way to play this deck is very similar to its namesake from the other game- take it slow, count the amount of burn in your hand, and as soon as that number exceeds the opponent's health, dump all your spells on their face.

The key is that this deck is absolutely full of win conditions, even if you don't draw Dogma until it's too late. Grand Builder and Shavka Evangel give you extra influences to speed up the timer, Shavka Evangel and the Grenadins from Granite Waystone can be thrown away with Catalyze to dig through the deck and try for double damage burn, Shavkan, Flame Reborn himself is just an enormous pile of value, as is Corrosive Dagger, and of course all the burn spells take double duty as removal and face damage.

And the best part? It's super budget! You only need two or three rares and two campaigns, one of which is currently in rotation for Expedition so you'll probably be buying it anyway. So for a Throne deck, this was very easy for me to afford and I hope it will be for you, too.


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24 23 3 8

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10 8 32 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Stormbreak [Set1107]
Enter the Arcanum [Set1135]


January 23, 2023


Eternal Version
Behemoths of Thera

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Levexecus Eternal Version: 23.01.25
Midnight Reprieve to nudge the opponent into lethal range and find a little more gas? Or is it too dangerous in an aggro matchup?
Entrapta Eternal Version: 23.01.25
I put in a couple and it seems to be working pretty well, but I can't tell if it's having a significant effect either way. Feel free to sub it into your own lists.
CheezWhiz Eternal Version: 23.01.25
Entrapta Eternal Version: 23.01.25
I tried running both in a previous version of the deck, but I found myself playing Surveying rarely enough that I decided to cut it. I think it's just too slow.

The key issue is that I am often looking for power. You can either inscribe Looting for a 100% chance of a power, or play it for a 70% chance* of turning Looting into a 2 mana draw 2.

There are 10 cards you can draw that are cheap enough to immediately play for permanent draws: Catalyze, Kaleb's Favor, and Sign of the Reborn. And Shavka Evangel only needs to be drawn, you really don't care about it after that (except as an occasional Corrosive Dagger target). That's 14 great hits. There are 9 small burn spells that can be thrown at units for 1 mana, which can almost certainly be made use of. There are 10 3-cost cards that are situational at best, and 13 4+cost cards that are dead draws before turn 7. So the deck is basically divided into equal portions of good draws, bad draws, and power draws. With 3 draws from each Looting, that's a 95% chance to get at least one usable card, and 67% of getting at least two. And with 4 copies of each card per deck, it really doesn't matter if you discard something good, you'll still be able to draw another one later.

*According to this website. All probabilities here are approximated based on a full deck.
Comment Deleted
GrandTali Eternal Version: 23.01.18
The most fun deck in a very long time!!! Nice work mate!!!
Entrapta Eternal Version: 23.01.18
Thanks! It's my first try publishing a deck so I'm glad you like it :3
GrandTali Eternal Version: 23.01.18
It's not the most competitive and I am sure you already know that. But it's a ton of fun!!!
Entrapta Eternal Version: 23.01.18
Oh for sure it's wayyyy off-meta (red control?!) but every time you can get a flash fire off when the enemy has lethal on board feels like cheating lol.