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Gauntlet Onis

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(Some of the text is obsolete due to deck changes)

The Onis truly make war an art form, as their paint brushes are arguably even more powerful than swords and pistols. Truly an eternal take on the old adage 'The pen is mightier than the sword'.
This is a deck based around Oni Synergy, starting from turn 1, we want to rain Onis on our hapless opponents and bury them with a hybrid of synergy as well as tribal lord effects. They are fine alone but they really stand out when they charge hand in hand with their comrade at arms, Here's a breakdown.

The pain starts as early as turn 1 with 12 aggressive one drops.

Oni Ronin and Oni Samurai are going to inspire subsequent armies of Onis with their ferocious war cries.
Akko, inspired artist will be upsized with a single prod and when he's truly monstrous, will serve to inspire every single Oni that arrives later, even after his own reign has ceased, that's how impactful his art is.

The Acclaimed Artistan will make every oni around him swing harder while the Hanaka, Loremaster is as puny as it gets and he knows it, thankfully he is smart enough and will weave mythical tales of valor when he's surrounded by friends. Talk about knowing when to lay low and when to strut around like a peacock!

Jishu, the burning brush is really a legendary creature in every sense of the word. Name? Check. Ability? Check. His rarity is the only thing that denies her of that lofty status and boy, is she pissed.
She will work with a furious endeavor to equip every subsequent warrior with armory upgrades, or if we are feeling feisty ourselves, she will command a mighty war weapon to appear right on top of our decks. Talk about versatility.

The weapon sub theme continues with Jishu's wingman, the Oni Quartermaster. By himself, he's nothing special, there aren't that many weapons in this deck, but talk about weapons and Jishu's ears will instantly be captivated. When this prestigious duo are hand in hand, every new recruit will not only wield a mightier weapon but also grant the owner new resources. I heard that drawing card wins games? Why not use the cards to accelerate the Oni's march to an inevitable victory?

The smuggler is there to sneakily bring us whatever we need to turn the tides in our favor. All he asks is a single card in return, that can't be hard with the double act mentioned prior to this, working their magic.

Should any one aligned with the faction of Hooru cross our path, such foolhardy behavior will be rightfully condemned by Shavka's personal edict.

If the Onis need a little push to complete their siege, lay siege will provide just that momentous push.

If the Onis are somehow outsized by larger foes, a ray of pristine light will arrive to smite them into oblivion. Who needs the gods when the Onis wield the tools to do God's work?

Ijin's workshop can be found in the distant horizon should one desires a slow yet steady pathway of cascading card advantage.

Should one is in a more feisty mood, allow Ghodan herself to bury the opponent in an avalanche of hasty damage and card advantage.

A weapon sub theme continues as the Shogun's scepter is extremely synergistic with what we are trying to accomplish here. That little push may be just what it takes to strengthen it's wielder and give the next upcoming troop a little buff. Let's not forget that its a 3 in 1 deal as we notice the scurrying Oni that comes with the scepter.

The Auric runehammer is generally heading the opponent's way when the Loremaster has done his good work, achieving sheer mastery in the way of the Oni. It's a handy way to remove any opposition and let the Onis charge through.

Last, but absolutely not the least is the lord of the Onis, the man who makes the Onis tick. All hail Kyojun, Grand Shugo. He may be slightly frail but he's perfectly happy to sit back and let his enhanced troops crash and burn. Should he some how find the will and the space to make things personal, he can make the next troop even more daunting. God bless the opponent should he be unblocked. He will instantly command another Oni to join the utter decimation.

Truly as Lordly as a lord can be.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All Onis and no power makes the Onis powerless.
Most of the choices are self explanatory, let by a common cause, the Onis have plenty of room to turn excessive power to marauding creatures who can overwhelm any opposition with a single wave of the Shugo Standard.

Armed with a deadly mix of steel and paintbrushes, the Onis and their crafty synergy will render all that attempts to stop them null and void. Fight them at your own risk.

This deck has proven thoroughly capable for my Gauntlet runs, it doesn't need a lot of power to win, but when there's too much power, there are ways to use them as well. Try it and thank me later.


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17 16 12 4

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12 25 20 4 10

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36 8 11 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]
Valley Beyond [Set1125]


April 17, 2022

October 20, 2020


Eternal Version
Valley Beyond

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Tehl Eternal Version: 20.10.06
Love this deck!! It's really awesome, but I am going to make it 30% better right now...two words...Deepforged Plate...that card in the market...damn...
Cat Eternal Version: 20.10.06
Fair, which card would you take out?