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Cookout Event Combrei Aggro (23-5 record)

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Pretty straightforward deck, honestly unoptimized for the event because I just copied a deck I had made for ranked and swapped out a couple cards like insignias. Still got me my 4 Light the Fuses in 4 runs though.

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July 3-8, 2019
At the start of your turn, shuffle a festive Firebomb into your deck, and then draw an extra card.


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Influence Requirements
2 2

Power Sources
17 20 12

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20 16 18 12

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30 4 16 0 25


July 4, 2019


Eternal Version
Dark Frontier

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IvoryVortex Eternal Version: 1.46.8
let me see if a get this correctly , every single minion of the deck is easy killed or removed with every single removal popular in the game, and half of the power source of the deck came taped, so you need speed but, half power needs something to be use in the same turn, you have nothing agains permafrost or stun,,,, i dont see the idea, sorry
Matt117 Eternal Version: 1.46.8
Try it and see! I count 8 depeleted power sources, not really half. The record doesn't lie. Most units die to removal spells, so I'm not sure about your first point. Do you have any idea how the event works? And if you can't even see the idea behind empower aggro, then I'm really surprised. Questions are welcome, but I'd recommend trying it because I think you are missing the point of the deck.
Voignamir Eternal Version: 1.46.8
I've tried and seen it and the commenter is 100% right.
Matt117 Eternal Version: 1.46.8
That's interesting. Which half of the powerbase is depleted? Also, which units do you play in other decks that don't die to removal? Valk enforcers can get rid of permafrost as well. Regardless, how did the deck do for you, and what types of decks did you play against? And where did you see it besides playing it?
Voignamir Eternal Version: 1.46.8
Why would I respond to this, when you're clearly unable to take criticism in good faith? Oh well...

Your deck is low tempo and loses games to eot t2 torch on that alone.

Valk Enforcers on your permafrosted units is a play I indeed had to make once to attempt to get any threat to stick. It's a great play with all those empower units. The only creature that isn't crippled by doing that is Awakened Student if it has already grown, and Valk to some degree. Great suggestion though. Valking your own units that rely on having text to have any use is a bad joke answer to not having any solution to permafrost.

Your banners aren't reliably undepleted, because the curve is such a joke. The Seats are okay. Honestly, half is pretty close. Not having undepleted power on turn 2 loses the game outright.

It cannot be understated how much tempo-positive removal is played, and how much it absolutely destroys this deck to have it's 2 drop countered with Torch/Suffocate/Permafrost+2 drop or annihilate/desecrate+1 drop. It is itself not able to recover from such a position because it's unable to do anything as tempo-positive as that, barring Vanquish+unit turns (I've seen 0). When you're behind in this deck -- and it's trivially easy to fall behind for the reasons the commenter pointed out -- you have Vanquish (which is okay when it finds a target, but the issue isn't exactly 5 power creatures) and Phase Out.

I went 3-4, although my wins were against similarly bad decks or bad draws after starting 1-3. The losses were, as you might be able to tell by now, against better aggro decks that were FP, FSx2 and a TS lifeforce deck (won one against that too a 3-3 , neither here nor there)

I also saw the deck posted to reddit, coincidentally, on which you similarly started shitflinging when at least one person tried to talk about the obvious issues with it.

The thing about these events is that you can play anything to 60+% WR on the first day, and by the last day the meta is more or less figured out and the Timmys and their spell-only 5F 120 card Calderan Cradle decks have had their share of the event and stopped playing . Congrats, you played early. It's no doubt a great deck for goldfishing, but it does not survive contact with any enemy offering resistance.

Looking forward to your bad faith reply, yours truly.
Matt117 Eternal Version: 1.46.8
Thanks for the reply! This reply seems in good faith, giving actual good criticism. The first comment didn't make any attempt to engage and made points that don't make and sense, or at least weren't explained well. Yes, the deck is weak to multiple early removal spells, I admit that readily. It is very possible that it isn't a great fit for the event, but I didn't play the first day and I felt like I played against a good amount of meta decks. Permafrost is 1 card, and I think it's dumb to talk about answers to it, if I'm being honest. Same with stun. I'm assuming you are saying running more 1 drops to be stronger against removal is a better plan? That seems like a great idea if there really is so much removal out there. Regarding reddit, I don't really know what shitflinging is, but I don't think being weak to granite coin is a game ender. It's only one card, and normally people play it on your 1 drop. I'm sure it would be harder to beat if people knew my deck and had the power to be able to sequence properly. Snowballs are a much bigger problem, and if there are yeti decks running around that get multiple snowballs, that would be a terrible matchup for this deck. So, lets get to why I responded like I did in this comment chain. The first person made obvious exaggerations and made points that didn't seem relevant. Mainly, the ones I mentioned in my reply, but also do you play around permafrost? Give all of your units endurance? Going all in on a weakness against a single card is fine, I think, because they can't have a permafrost for every unit. And then, I am quite literal (although I think most people aren't) so when you said 100% correct, I assumed you meant everything that they said was correct, which I knew was false because of the powerbase thing. I still maintain that with correct sequencing, if you can get at least 1 sigil in the opening hand, most power should be undepleted. Luckily, in this event you get 3 tries at a good starting hand. Regarding reddit, I think you might have exaggerated. I admitted that removal heavy hands beat the deck, and gave conditions for beating it. Maybe they don't happen much on average, but I didn't call the poster names or even say the matchup was favored, only that I did well in the matchup. Speaking of reddit, another user made a great point int Tamarys, and how she destroys this deck. If others are playing her, that might be a reason to not play this at all.
Overall: Look, I'm sorry if it came off like..I didn't want feedback or didn't care about negative feedback. I just want it to be constructive rather than short garbage that I can't make sense of. Yes, I built this deck with a goldfish in mind, and not surprisingly it does really well into decks that don't interact on the early turns. That includes not interacting by playing units themselves. If the meta shifted to decks with a ton of removal and early interaction, I can see this deck being terrible. But, I will say again, I don't think the first comment was in good faith or even trying to discuss things, given that they said they don't even see the idea. Another thing to help prove your point about tempo: phase out was one of the best cards in the deck for me. So, again, thank you for the reply. I'm sorry I wasn't presenting my intentions properly and that we got off on the wrong foot. I guess one nitpick I have is that removal isn't the only tempo positive play that exists. Playing units is tempo too, it's only tempo negative when they remove them for cheaper. So playing a 5/3 overwhelm on 2 is great tempo (if they don't have removal).
LordThorne Eternal Version: 1.46.8
How does this do against the low to the ground aggro decks?
Matt117 Eternal Version: 1.46.8
This deck is fairly low to the ground itself, but it is definitely set up to beat slower decks and punish them with stand together. However, I would say that you have game against the other aggro decks, and that it does fairly well. You can take the aggressive stance yourself sometimes, because when your units attack they are really big (1 cost 3/3, 2 cost 5/3) etc. Hands with hojan and finest hour and awakened student let you play defense as well. Your weakness is that it can fold to the good hands of the other aggro decks, with multiple 1 drops plus removal spells for your units. Snowballs and granite coins are really good against this deck, so think about which of your 2 drops you want to survive(its likely the first dies, depending on the opponents deck) and play accordingly. Overall, the deck felt strong, but definitely reliant on having undepleted power and getting on the board early.
LordThorne Eternal Version: 1.46.8
I had no doubts to begin with, playing the deck to a 6-1 record.... I see what you mean sir. The Teacher of Humility is strong in this format. Thanks for the post.