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Alright kiddos! Buckle up because this amusement park is open for fun! (And interpretation). Do you like dangerous rides? Are you seeking a thrill? Well unfortunately you packed the family up and went to Walmart and totally skipped over the fun and exciting amusement park. But that’s okay! Walmart has a plethora of items for you to build your own rides! And the best part of Walmart is their return policy! Want to return that End of Hostilities? Go for it! Need a grasp back? (To reality oh there goes gravity) then get it! There’s some questionable choices here but I think you get the idea and will be able fill your shopping cart with your desired items and tools! Just remember; this is Walmart. Not fun land.


Shiftstone Cost
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Influence Requirements
2 3 2

Power Sources
15 13 12 15

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Deck Rarities
18 22 19 13

Card Types
18 5 31 1 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Into Shadow [Set1004]


February 17, 2019

February 5, 2019


Eternal Version
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Revisions (Since last major patch) February 17, 2019


RockstarCowboy Eternal Version:
Hey man, I really enjoy playing straight FP Kennadins, but I had to stop due to the popularity of reanimator. So I checked eternalwarcry today and saw your deck. It looks really cool, splashing shadow for a bunch of powerful utility cards, playing a grindy game, that I typically enjoy. Unfortunately, I went 0-5 with this deck and each and every time it was the power base that killed me. It’s too unstable. I had great answers in hand that were never played. Then I fell behind on tempo and it was game over. I really don’t understand how you succeed with this deck. I fell from half way through d1 into the gutter, where if I lose another game I’m sure I’ll fall to d2.
vampikachu Eternal Version:
If the power base was giving you a hard time why didn’t you flip it on over to shiftstoned to fix it to your liking? Not trying to sound rude, just an honest question.
RockstarCowboy Eternal Version:
Cause your deck was on the first page I so figured it just worked? Like I didn’t come to find a deck that needed tuning. I just wanted something different to play. Anyways, I’m not even sure if it’s fixable, curving quarry into wisdom of the ancients into vara into howling peak Jekk and Kenna? It’s absurd. I never had the right power for any of my plays.

Anyways, ‘‘twas just my feedback.
vampikachu Eternal Version:
But, I just adjusted it to my personal final draft, comparatively it’s much smoother.
vampikachu Eternal Version:
ive Done a lot of adjusting to this deck over the course of the time I’ve had it uploaded. I’ve never bothered to return and readjust it here because like every deck, it’s open for the user to adjust to their liking and to their meta. Eternal has an ever shifting meta, you will rarely play against the same deck back to back, and this deck is two weeks old. So while it was better suited for the meta two weeks ago, things have changed. I can understand your frustration but blatantly implying a deck is subpar (giving myself a little credit) because you assume it’s just perfect is a bit ridiculous. I’m not meaning to sound rude if I am, I’m just trying to be informative of the current state of the issue. I’m sure if you actually sat down and constructed the deck to fit your positions meta, you would be able to climb ladder. Best of luck to you in your endeavors to reach masters this month! Might I suggest trying Isomorphics vara deck? It’s a blast and very very strong.
RockstarCowboy Eternal Version:
His reanimator deck? Yea it is really strong. I switched to rakano aggro and plowed into masters with 70% wr. Did you say you have a current version? I’m down to lose games in masters. I just think the influence requirements are really astringent. For example, isomorphics deck runs great because it only needs PS and then SS to go off. Ok the other hand your deck needs RRPPPSS which is 7 exact influences in as many turns (to hit Kenna). Jotun feast callers were cut out of FTP because the PPP into FFFTTT curve was unmanageable.

I tried to reconstruct your deck but I didn’t understand what I was trying to do with it. The only tribute worth triggering in shadow is jekk, so you’ve essentially splashed shadow to get him. Then you added Vara, statuary maiden, annihilate, and grasping at shadows? Annihilate I like lot, because kennadins suffers from lack of hard removal. I think with so much shadow though, combust and possibly devour are worth consideration to help trigger tribute when you can’t get combustion cell. Kennadins used torch/snowball as alternative triggers, but combust would be so efficient. You’re already packing tons of dorks. Anyways I see your update. I don’t mean to butt heads. I guess I was just expressing some frustrations. Sorry about that.
vampikachu Eternal Version:
Oh snap! I never thought about devour or combust. Which is silly of me because of how often I try to add them to decks lmao
PremiumAlex Eternal Version: 1.43
This just got me through D1 to Masters with a few adjustments (removed Jekk, Lone Gun and changed quantities of Assembly Line, Vara, and Howling Peaks), thanks for the deck!
vampikachu Eternal Version: 1.43
Glad to hear! I’d love to see your variation if you ever post it(:
PremiumAlex Eternal Version: 1.43
vampikachu Edited Eternal Version: 1.43
Oh and to inform the purchaser of these fine goods more, this isn’t turbo Kenna combo. We are a little grindy-er and more focused on tempo plays. If you manage to hit t5 Kenna, that’s great! If not, just play it slow. Regardless of how much power you get from combustion cell, you’re still triggering tribute.