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Big Rakano Experiment

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So everyone knows I am a dirty Rakano main, however I was really sad when the new fire and justice cards offered me very little in terms of new things to try out, however, not being one for me to be defeated by new cards, I wanted to make a way to combine some new with some old and came up with this little experiment that I will call Big Rakano and here's why: Icaria, the Liberator and Roosting Owl as my top end.

Now before some of you moan at me saying Icaria is only an Armory card, honestly before I made this deck I would agree with you, however I wanted to make use of Roosting Owl's Mentor ability, which actually gives the next unit in my deck the stats of th selected student, and in one case of a game i played, I managed to give my icaria 17/17 from my buffed up Champion of Glory and hit my opponent for exactly 25 damage as i had 3 oathbooks. How satisfying is a literal one shot you ask? INCREDIBLE.

Of course this is a fringe case and very situational, however this deck does have some interesting cards I like to play, although I was pretty sad that my mascot Silverwing Familiar didn't quite make the deck. Battleblur Centaur has some interesting synergies with oathbook and shogun's scepter making it a good blocker and potentially a hard hitter despite it's low base attack.

I will say it now, this deck is inconsistent, but I quite like it and even though it's more midrange than the typical Unearthly style Rakano Plate deck, it is also fun to play, just don't expect to climb hard with it :)



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July 27, 2017


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Omens of the Past

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