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6650 SHIFT! Dirt Cheap Diamond Expedition (Legendaries Not Needed)

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NOTE #1 - The shiftstone cost for this deck is completely inaccurate! Both legendaries you get for FREE from The Empty Throne expansion. The real cost for this deck without legendaries is only 6650 Shiftstone.

NOTE #2 - You may replace the legendaries with other cards as they didn't cause me to win very many matches (about 5 out of 35 matches). Ultra cheap alternatives are: Deadeye, Hellfire Rifle or even Crowd Favorite.


--- With this deck there are FOUR main win conditions ---

#1 This is mostly an aggro deck. I say aggro because your main win condition is Order of the Spire and dumping one or more Finest Hour cards on him before empowering to give him those bonuses permanently. Dropping a cheap Elder's Feather on him is usually enough to allow you to hit the enemy's face for huge damage.

#2 With consistent face damage with Ticking Grenadin, Kaleb's Favor and additional shots from Breath of Vorpex you can put very early pressure on opponents allowing you a mid-game advantage. Most people I went up against opted to take the 5 damage to face, even if it meant saving a lone 1/1 minion with only exalted as a skill.

# 3 Warcry gives us our third win condition. Building value on cheaper minions that already have endurance a la' Auric Sentry or even Order of the Spire or a big Crownwatch Paladin with Aegis.

# 4 Our final win condition comes from the two legendaries which aren't necessary. If you don't have them, I recommend swapping for removal such as Fall Short, Isolate, Downfall or even Edict of Kodosh. Or, if you wish, some weapons to help give your Valkyire Cadet more value. Cheap, good weapons would be e.g. Ruination Sledge and Grandfather's Axe or Crownwatch Longsword or even Gilded Glaive (for more value with Order of the Spire).


Seek Power was a late game (Gold II) change that I made when I found that I wasn't getting a proper setup ready for Order of the Spire and I found that I needed at least one big OotS to force opponents to dump spells, panic play or even rage concede.

This deck definitely isn't a Master Tier deck for Expedition, and as if it would be. Master Expedition decks require decks that have insane synergies and where every single card gives high amounts of value. This was the cheapest, consistently good Expedition deck that I could make and that I actually felt bothered to test.

Final note is that I found Valkyrie Cadet to be the least reliable card. She is a 3 cost card with only 1-1 that doesn't get decent value until turn 5 minimum. By this point unless she has additional value from Warcry procs, she's usually easily killed or silenced. As I said, you could swap her for removal/weapons for your other units, or just a better 3 cost unit.

Please leave a like if you found this deck useful and feel free to discuss the deck in the comments.

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3 3

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14 15 4

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January 3, 2020


Eternal Version
Promises by Firelight

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AggressionSsb Eternal Version: 1.51.5
Valkyrie Cadet isn't legal
LowExpectations Eternal Version: 1.49.2
So I tried this deck at Gold III, deck seems awful just straight up inferior to the budget oni decks it plays as an aggro deck but is slower and has no card draw
334534346734534534 Eternal Version: 1.49.3
Maybe your expectations were too high?
MooseyJ Eternal Version: 1.49.3
I know this is off topic but that is a fantastic reply.