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What if Icaria Blue was Fun to Play

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I'm gonna be honest. I have an irrational hatred towards people who netdeck the same exact control piles every time. Don't misread me or anything, I understand why the stigma against netdecking is wrong. I just really, really strongly dislike seeing the exact same decks over and over in my meta pocket. Feln Control that wins because it draws two Champions of Cunning. FJS 'every kill spell in the game, no fun allowed'. Every deck that just plays Icaria on turn 7 and wins because she's entirely busted.

Soooo, to get myself over that, I decided to try taking the general shell and turning it into something I actually like. Even if it's not as strong as generic-ass Icaria Blue 'play every board wipe, hit Icaria on 7, you cannot lose' strategies, I sure as hell have way more fun playing it.

The general theme here, outside of 3-of Icaria, the Liberator which is still how you'll win like 80% of games, is investing in a relic weapon.
Face Aegis with Eilyn's Favor and Mistveil Drake makes it feel better with all the Channel decks running rampant lately. The dragon also makes for being 'a good card to draw, and a great one to Strategize down'.
That makes it a better idea to jam Wardwielder as an earlygame blocker or a fat beater depending on how things go.

Molten Fist has a science to it in terms of just, 'being a 6/6 relic weapon is a lot of times exactly what you need', but since we're running Tax Collector and Throne Warden to stack armor, it actually sometimes turns into a more real gameplan.
For when you can't draw that, Staff of Stories with too much armor to ever conceivably break is kinda nice. Turns out drawing 2 cards a turn is pretty good.

Sometimes though, Icaria doesn't hit your Staff of Stories, and you feel a little silly using Tax Collector's ultimate on it since it has no attack. That's my excuse for making a deck that's trying to run Hone. It gives Staff of Stories an attack value; it works wonders with Molten Fist because it gains +3 attack, then +3 armor, which gives it +3 more attack, at which point there's nothing you can't punch through; and, my favorite use for it, it's a really good card to flash toward the end of a game when you wanna show your opponent you actually were trying to enjoy yourself, even if it meant being really annoying to play against like most control decks are.

It's probably really easy to make this deck 'better', but I wanted one that I actually liked piloting. That said, I still appreciate comments and ideas to make it more interesting!


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Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


May 9, 2018


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