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Johnkkez's Deck (2nd)

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Tournament Information

ECQ: The Winter Crown - Top 8
April 14, 2019


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
2 3

Power Sources
23 17 12

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Deck Rarities
17 24 14 15

Card Types
18 0 31 3 28

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Homecoming [Set1005]


April 14, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.45 - Homecoming

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Scaldan Eternal Version: 1.45.7
Thks for this list. Take me to master. Just change in the market Mug to Azindel's gift.
Johnkkez Eternal Version: 1.45.7
I just was having success mugging sites in hands lol, glad you made it!
mindthief666 Eternal Version: 1.45.6
Nice and relatively cheap desk, good job. Any suggestion for replacing Dizo's ?
Jkjkgrl Eternal Version: 1.45.6
Replace dizo impossible
Johnkkez Eternal Version: 1.45.6
Yeah it would be a really hard card to replace, lifesteal and the extra kill/deck play is huge. You could maybe go a return feln deck if you can't do dizo
VoidKing Eternal Version: 1.45.6
Steward of the Past? Here, in the market, is what was?
Johnkkez Eternal Version: 1.45.6
I was using him to deal with Haunted Highway and other return decks as a just in case or as board play. It didn't get used much, feeding time works there too and has more flexibility.
VoidKing Eternal Version: 1.45.6
Ah, I see. Yeah, feeding time seems a bit better. This deck reminds me of the not-too-old Feln Midrange, only with Varas over feast callers (a decent trade).

Congratulations on doing so well with it!
Orijhins Eternal Version: 1.45.6
Why do you have only one Dark Return and a Vara, Fate-Touched in the market if you use Honor of Claws? Shouldn't you run more of these or some Grasping at Shadows?
Almost Eternal Version: 1.45.6
I think Honor of Claws is just in this deck as a way to draw 3 cards and discard whatever card you don't need. It's not really a reanimator deck.
Johnkkez Eternal Version: 1.45.6
I really was just piloting this deck to be honest, but I enjoyed the extra kills instead of returns. Deck play was just nice with claws also.
apocalypticcheese Eternal Version: 1.45.6
I mean... It got you a spot in worlds. Is it really worth questioning this decision too much?
Johnkkez Eternal Version: 1.45.6
Exactly! It was just a straight forward killing machine type deck Haha. A splash of return is always nice though haha
apocalypticcheese Eternal Version: 1.45.6
And being in the market the Return and Vara become utility cards that are there for value when needed instead of as part of your main strategy. Which, I think, is actually really smart.
Johnkkez Eternal Version: 1.45.6
Back to my comment earlier, I think I did so well in this tournament is one I predicted the meta was going to be hooru flooded like everyone else did and two this is such a straightforward deck. Feln has been strong since the beginning and has only gotten better