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Severin First Draft

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Initial thoughts on a Severin shell. THEORETICAL ONLY! Will test as soon as I get 4 Severin. Almost certainly not masters viable, but hopefully fun.

Deck is designed to generate rats off the many small relics we play. Coutier thins the deck quickly to meet the high influence requirements of Severin. Stalling with Ritualist and Merchant allows you to build up critical mass.

Can win slowly with Fearbinder on the rats, or by digging up Severin, hopefully buffed by Void Drummer, who is a sneaky source of chip damage as well as buffing Severin.

Card advantage comes from Devouring rats or Severin, or eating things with Ritualist, or Vault of the Praxis.

For removal I currently have an Initiation/Banish package, but will experiment with this.

In the market, we have Lethrai Courier (fairly critical to thin the deck asap), disjunction as our removal/recursion option for relics, predatory carnosaur as premium removal, and an infinite hourglass to offset the exhaustion element of Severin. Our primary fetch, though, is Vault of the Praxis, which fires every time we play a relic if we have 5 shadow influence and two Severins in the bin.


Dawnwalker, Sahin, Miris, Marionnette Cross, Last Rites. I'll be messing with these when I get this rough list built and I'll try to update this deck on EWC, although if it's even remotely good I expect the final version will come from someone much smarter than me.


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3 3

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17 17 8

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23 21 16 4 6

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Into Shadow [Set1004]


January 24, 2019

January 23, 2019


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Ravager Eternal Version: 1.42.3
I feel like Vara and Azindel should make an appearance.

With Vara out, 5S influence and Severin in the void, each relic you play gets you a Rat, Severin, and two units from your void.

Maybe take advantage of Radiant/wisp synergy?
Troglodyte Eternal Version: 1.42.3
Good call, probably in the market as additional win conditions. They're too good together, but I don't want to draw either.