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The other West Deck (Masters)

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Climbed to masters last month also using a weaker version of this deck. It had Foxfang Katars instead of Lynax, Moltenwing and a lot of depleted power cards instead of Common Cause and Stonescar Painting.
The idea for the deck is simple but here are some interesting deck techs:
On turn 3 play Lynax, Moltenwing, then play Doorknocker on it on turn 4, this will let you deal instant 6 damage to any target, plus every relic you play also deals double damage of it's cost. Attacking on the same turn 4 is also another 8 damage.
Doorknocker can be played individually also if you don’t have any units in play. Also you can play it on Dichro, Conqueror for extra damage as the enemy will feel safe as it's a 3 attack flyer that is now a 8 attack flyer due to Doorknocker. Also you can get additional damage if Syl's Stronghold is in play. You can also play it on Deathwing for extra lifesteal.
Brel, Solist Apostate buffs your existing relic weapon if you have any. So if you have a Hidden Garrote in play, then it turns into a 7/5 unblockable relic weapon. Also you can use the Hidden Garrote normally as a torch since it has unblockable, meaning you can deal 3 damage directly to the enemy ignoring their units on board.
Broker Bore when enemy has spell negation or aegis (and you don’t have a Hidden Garrote). Otherwise just broker Halotipped Spray. You can also broker Halotipped Spray if enemy is low on health as it deals 6 damage to enemy also.
Ideal opening hand is Hidden Garrote along with any 3 drop and Dichro, Conqueror with some undepleted powers to play them on there respective turns.
Forensic Analyst transforms into Chief Investigator West when a relic goes in to the void. So if it is play, you can take a bad trade or an aggressive trade with your relic weapon for getting the ultimate transformation effect.
Skywing, Flying Free was kept for emotional reasons and can be replaced with any card of your choice as I used 4 of it in original deck along with 4 copies of Foxfang Katars. Gotta start using my shiftstone more wisely xd
Also, I tried using Equalize but it was sometimes useful sometimes not. Also is there a bug going on with equalize were it makes you discard incorrect number of cards? I submitted a report but i didn't take a screenshot. The devs are asking for a screenshot as it will be helpful. Anyone has faced this issue or not?


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Influence Requirements
3 2 3

Power Sources
12 16 13 20 4

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Deck Rarities
37 21 8 13

Card Types
28 13 10 4 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Homecoming [Set1005]
Buried Memories [Set1105]
The Devouring [Set1145]


May 26, 2023


Eternal Version
The Devouring

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BorisBritva Edited Eternal Version: 23.12.06
0-7 great deck! problem with card draw, problem with power cards.
martyvburen Eternal Version: 23.05.24
I replaced the Raniyah you have in your deck with the cheaper one that steals a unit of theirs, mostly for stupid shiftstone-hoarding reasons. I definitely get mana/influence screwed a few times, but the deck is a blast! Thanks for sharing!
Ryuzaki Edited Eternal Version: 23.05.24
You're welcome man! Also yeah the other Raniyah is fine too if you wan't to save shiftstone. But it doesn't have ambush though.
aberosh1819 Eternal Version: 23.05.24
Really fun looking list, looks like a thing I'll really enjoy playing for the next couple of months, thank you for sharing!
Ryuzaki Eternal Version: 23.05.24
You're welcome man glad to see you enjoying this deck!