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Makto Hooru

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A variation on now-deceased eternaldecks black Hooru control deck I had been brewing. Omens of the Past brought some very nice additions to the list, albeit in creature forms. This led to a slight change of gameplan from complete outvaluing to more beatdown-control archetype.

Revenge cards work wonderfully with blue's card draw and the deck utilizes the two best ones. Makto is immortal and Alchemist gives amazing utility, lifegain, early blocker, pinging relic weapons, he does it all. Despite having two big, constant lifegain cards in Harbinger and Alchemist there are no good lifeforce cards in existence :(
And to note, don't underestimate how much damage Kothon can push through. Endurance/flying is quite amazing. The deck is a slow trickle until you shoot a Channel for 8 at their face and they realize you have a Channel for 12 coming up next turn.

Otherwise the deck remains as quite normal black Hooru control list. Herald's Song + Privilege allows ramping to Channel and other big drops quite easily, and Song fixes lategame flood as well to ensure we can go from Channel to Channel. Annihilate and Permafrost as the best removal, Slay as a catch-all, nicely dodging both Kaleb's and Eilyn's choice.

Try to get at least two of Permafrost, Annihilate, Kothon, Slay, and Alchemist in starting hand so you don't die to nonsense face decks and get to your big lifegain cards.

The deck is still in brewing but climbs to Master all the same. Specifically, the sigil base needs some optimizing still. Update: Masters top 20 reached and sigilbase fixed. Had to run some banners but we have a lot of creatures so it's fine.
Other ideas:
Protect? Doubles with Revenge cards and prevents that one removal spell face decks have from removing your one blocker.
Strength of the Pack? Worked amazingly in the previous version. Needed more space in this variant for 4xInspire, but how about 2x8/8 Makto's?
Aid of the Hooru? Probably not :p

Fun deck. Give it a whirl


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July 19, 2017

July 16, 2017


Eternal Version
Omens of the Past

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goldstarbrother Edited Eternal Version: 1.22.3
What do you think about Sword of the Sky King? Pretty sure you only want one, but it saved me a lot in my variation of your old deck. This one doesn't have Celestial Omen so it's probably not as good, but I think it might still worth trying to find room for one. Not sure what to cut for it though. There are a lot more counterspells now, so maybe cutting one Channel would be fine.

Speaking of counters, have you tried Eilyn's Choice? It doesn't look like you have room, but I've been pretty happy with 2x in a more fast spell oriented version of this deck.