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Use Levitate to pop Aegis on your opponents minions. Duelist's Blade to help keep control of the board. The use of the cards chosen were all for good reason. Syncing this deck was no easy task :-D

With lots of early and mid game removal I made this deck with my current favorite relic **Flamestoker. With no minions and a already good amount of burn in this deck. Those Stokers just make overpowered use of damage. Get two going,most decks cannot contend with. You add in a relic weapon or two and its game over.

This is one of the most fun decks I have created. While it is similar to Boombastic I believe it is on its own.

** If you do not have all 4 copies of Flamestoker you can use Calderan Cradle as a good replacement. Or another good relic weapon.



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Influence Requirements
3 2 4

Power Sources
13 12 12 12

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Deck Rarities
18 27 12 5

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0 8 42 0 25


July 27, 2017


Eternal Version
Omens of the Past

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Randanger Eternal Version: 1.22.4
Fun Deck! Have you tried unstable form(maybe swapping in for any number of levitates) for a crazier lategame in exchange for fewer cantrips?
Mistygun Eternal Version: 1.22.4
With levitate you draw card
Randanger Eternal Version: 1.22.4
And with unstable form you create a card and draw it. When people say cantrip, they generally mean a low-cost card that has a minimal effect and then draws a card to replace itself. I understand the thought behind levitate, but this deck already has a ton of draw. The argument for unstable form is more versatility. UF can clear 2 aegis for 1 card, it has synergy with Channel and Eilyn's Choice, and it turns Infernus from a burn spell into a 6 drop.