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TJP Gauntlet, 35:0 run at masters

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This is by far my best performing Gauntlet deck. First of all it's got a great curve with lots of really efficient 2-3 drops, which really help against the agressive decks and bosses. It also has some great power sinks in the form of Kothon, the Far-Watcher and Knight-Chancellor Siraf. It also runs some great combat tricks which really help to get easy 2 for 1's (Finest Hour, Stand Together. I also think that both False Prince and Cirso, the Great Glutton are really busted against the AI. False Prince is great because the AI won't cast any damage spells on Prince unless they kill him and Cirso lets you stall really good + with any combat trick you can get easy 3 for 1's. One of the drawbacks of the deck is that it needs TTJJPP influence requirements, which is why Trail Maker and Seek Power are needed. That being said the deck is power hungry anyways so the additional power is really welcome.

Maybe it's a bit surprising that I run Accelerated Evolution over Xenan Obelisk, but that's one of the choices specifically for Gauntlet. While the AI runs some removal it's usually not running tons of them so giving two units flying can win games on the spot (the same is true for removing stun effects). It's also easier to cast Evolution and there is a spells matter boss and an aegis flier deck, where it's great against :-)

In the 35:0 run I beat the the double damage, start with 5 influence, units get a random skill (which are among the hardest bosses) and the spells + play an additional influence boss in a row.

Isn't the powerbase way too greedy?
Don't underestimate the 4 Seek Power and Trail Maker, which don't count for the redraw rule! Early on you realistically only need TTJP which is quite easy to get even by turn 3, if you use the any influence cards for it. Then you only need another J for Enforcer and P for Criso and Crystallize, which you will nearly always get when you reach 5 power. Get the second P over the second J unless you have Enforcer in your hand.

What does this deck offer over straight Elysian or Combrei decks?

The biggest issue with Elysian is the lack of removal/ combat tricks and good defensive 2-3 drops. If you ever got stuck at 3 power with Elysian you might straight loose against agressive decks. Also the AI grow big decks can cause problems.

Combrei Aggro is actually a great Gauntlet deck, but lacks a good way to break board stalls. I personally also find it to be very boring to play, since the deck is so linear and rarely allows for smart plays. Also getting flooded can cause serious issues.

It feels like my TJP deck adresses both problems of Combrei and Elysian in Gauntlet. I don't say it's perfect and could see that you could do even better with a tweaked powerbase / some slightly different cards, but overall the archetype exceeded my expectations.


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June 10, 2018

January 28, 2018


Eternal Version
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drakuma Eternal Version: 1.36
Without having read the title, I assembled it and tried it in classifications obtaining excellent results. 6-1 XD
Orion Eternal Version: 1.35
I'm sure it's my abysmal luck, but I'm currently 0-5 Gauntlet. I keep either not drawing enough power, or they just get to have everything and more everything and then I just stall and die.
Devaco Eternal Version: 1.35
Sounds like my luck, consistency isn't crap when RNG involved
OjackRN Eternal Version: 1.35
0 out of 4 full gauntlet runs successful. The record is probably something like 12-4. But I'll say 2 losses were to computer nut draws having everything they needed. 1 was from power screw. 1 was from influence screw (mulled into an awkward hand that had no time influence, 2 trail makers and all units with a time requirement). I eventually got on board after I finally drew a time but I was playing against blaze of glory so it just wasn't fast enough.
I like the idea of it and the influence does surprisingly come together most of the time considering the faction requirements on some of these cards but I just can't get it to pull through.
Devaco Edited Eternal Version: 1.35
been want'n to build this deck as i'm burning out tryna grind gauntlet daily for HOURS , just to have Dev RNG toss me power screws 99.9% of the time.. which mind you adds ridiculous amounts of grind to a game that mostly shines due to it's f2p aspect. i've been playing maybe a month have about 300hrs in so burnt out . :/ was hoping they'd at least give us an extra redraw, nothing like drawing 2 hands with 2 powers
Blackguard Eternal Version: 1.35
I also think that the devs purposefully change the power draw rate for both the CPU and our own decks to be in their favor. No amount of power or fixers seem to fix this without severely compromising your deck strength. Pretty lame. I’ve made this deck and can honestly say that I win most of the time unless I’ve won to much and the devs trigger a bunch of power screwed matches. 28:0 then I suddenly can’t beat the first gauntlet with the same deck due to power issues 3 games in a row? Yup...
Devaco Edited Eternal Version: 1.35
yeah that happens far too often to me. granted l run mostly aggro which is boring as hell.. same ol topdeck usually but yeah my curve is low and i either get power screwed or have all power and no units ? 80% of the time and it only seems to happen after i get my first 7/0. i even tried swapping over to another deck but no change
Blackguard Eternal Version: 1.35
4th run through and still grinding great. Full clears every time. Zero changes. Excellent deck.
opaopa13 Eternal Version: 1.28
Very first match with this deck lost, hilariously. (Not the deck's fault: I got a clunky mulligan against a bonkers aggro opening.) Since then, it's been super-consistent: I don't have the Kothons or the Sirafs which would improve it further, but even without them, the AI simply can't find enough value to compete. The best Gauntlet list I've tried so far.
DankOxter Eternal Version: 1.28
Solid deck, and fun to play, thank you!

I had a couple of successful runs through Gauntlet (masters), and decided to try the deck on the ladder. I expected that I'd need a few tweaks but I have climbed fairly smoothly through gold today with no modifications, and I usually struggle this early in the season.
konan Eternal Version: 1.28
I only played 2 games with it by accident on ladder and won both, so I can't say anything about it for ladder. I think I would definitely replace one Stand Together to add a fourth vanquish and replace the accelerated evolution with Xenan Obelisk.
aniretalek Eternal Version: 1.27
Deck seems solid! What would you suggest as a replacement for Cirso, the Great Glutton? Haven't got a single copy yet..and just spent my Shiftstone to craft Worldbearer Behemoth :D
konan Eternal Version: 1.27
I think Worldbearer might be the best replacement for Cirso (although it's harder to cast in this deck). That being said the AI is really horrible at dealing with Cirso and this can be really easily abused. Not only does every Combat trick pretty much always give you a 3:1, but it also doesn't understand that Aegis blocks Cirso's abilty. So if they have any 1 attack aegis unit you don't even need a combat trick to get a 2-3 for 1 xD
Urayama4 Eternal Version: 1.27
I'm impressed. Good job with the deck. It's surprisingly consistent. I'm 2 for 3 in gauntlet wins so far. My loss was to triple heart of the vault in 2 was insane. Just need to know when there's a bad beat and move on though. I'll give you more feedback as I keep playing it. So far I haven't needed a 4th vanquish.
Archivist Eternal Version: 1.27
First match vs Unseen masters, loss. I'm glad Cirso is usable anywhere though. :)
konan Eternal Version: 1.27
What was the problem in that match? I'm still debating if I need a fourth Vanquish or make room for Desert Marshal.
Archivist Edited Eternal Version: 1.27
Turn three unseen commando, into the multiple killer unseen, then Aegis, etc.

I think I got flooded, too, and they killed my kothon, KCS and my SST. They just had ALL the answers.

Took it all the way to the boss, who plays a random weapon on each summoned creature. He got all the good weapons. 😞
KvotheBolton Eternal Version: 1.27
Hate that boss. If you don't play aggro or token deck you lose.
TappedOut Eternal Version: 1.27
I was playing a similar list to yours on Gauntlet and had similar results, I may craft the last three Kothon and give your list a test. :)