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Davia & Friends (Masters)

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Decided to try to hit Masters this month with a brew, and this one ended up doing pretty well, going 14-6 in my last 20 games piloting this deck, going pretty smoothly from Diamond 3 to Masters with minimal changes. My initial plan was to use Evolving Olzial and other discard outlets to bin Channel the Tempest for Davia, Azurebreaker to cast. Unfortunately, that plan didn't go so well, leading me to a different strategy less focused on Davia.

I also hit Masters in Expedition with Feln Davia if you're looking for a port of the deck.

Card Selection

Evolving Olzial - a sweet card that I've been wanting to run for a while, but hadn't quite found a home for. It does a ton of things - it's one of the few ways in Feln to deal with relics, and it's also an excellent answer sites (which can otherwise be an issue if you don't have much direct damage). It's also an evasive beater that provides a ton of card filtering - if you connect with it, you'll usually end up winning just with pure card quality. Regen also makes it pretty annoying to deal with for some decks. That said, it is a bit fragile to Justice and Shadow decks, and its three health means it does get swept up by out Hailstorms sometimes.
Davia, Azurebreaker - one of the best control finishers currently available, IMO. A big body with aegis that generates both immediate card advantage and incremental advantage via stuns. Getting back card draw or a removal spell is great, and this deck has a ton of nice spells to cast off her.
Grenahen - the deck has enough damaging spells (and units) that it will usually hit something (~80% hit rate). Having a cheap body to play as a speed bump against aggro is certainly appreciated, but could be trimmed for a different option (like Strategize).
Jotun Hurler - playing the body doesn't happen often, but it provides market / discard / plunder fodder, and the snowball is great for pinging small units and popping aegis. I've contemplated running Thunderstrike Dragon or Xo of the Endless Hoard as extra copies, since it does feel like the deck would want 1-2 additional echo cards.

Annihilate and Defile - cheap removal. Defile is better against aggro, but tends to be dead against Even Argenport decks (which I saw a lot of on the ladder), hence the split.
Exploit - proactively deals with problem cards and provides a ton of information. Plunder is also quite nice to smooth out awkward draws.
Vara's Favor - pings small units, pops aegis, lets you hit more power drops.
At Any Cost - kills units in the early game, gains life, and serves as a finisher in the lategame. This deck isn't all-in on hitting twelve Shadow influence as fast as possible, but Forbidden Research means it's usually possible to do so by lategame. It can also close out games really quickly.
Hailstorm - the obligatory anti-aggro sweeper. Eremot's Designs is also an option if you find yourself wanting more board wipes. I think Fall to Ruin is too slow unless you keep running into midrange.
Stealth Strike - a bit of hard removal for bigger units that dodge Annihilate and Defile. Deathstrike or Desecrate may be better, but I like its interaction with Prodigious Sorcery.

Card Advantage
Wisdom of the Elders - gold standard card draw. Fast speed, provides card advantage, not embarrassing to recast with Davia.
Forbidden Research - not strictly card advantage, but pitching dead cards (such as Jotun Hurler and conditional removal spells) to get more action is great. It's also a must to turn on Stealth Strike and At Any Cost.
Prodigious Sorcery - mostly here to combo with At Any Cost to finish off opponents really fast, but grabbing back a Hailstorm or Vara's Favor can also be relevant.

Cobalt Waystone - face aegis is great, especially when it's free. Protects from hand disruption, burn, and cursed relics.
Primal Sketch - it's somewhat rare to have time to activate it, but it serves as another source of inevitability in the lategame.
Shadow Symbol - another way to power up At Any Cost a bit quicker. It may be appropriate to run the full four, but this deck is primarily Primal-based.
Shadow Sigil - I found four to be enough to make Vara's Favor usually have something to grab. There's definitely some tension in the powerbase - the deck skews heavily towards Primal, but it also wants enough Shadow influence for At Any Cost.
Crest of Cunning, Feln Insignia, Feln Painting, and Seat of Cunning - fixing, plus some incremental upsides. As above, the deck needs Primal to function, but also wants lots of Shadow influence.

Transpose - face aegis is fantastic when Exploit and Dichro's Ruin are running around, and Transpose also pops enemy face aegis to enable out own spells. Running Hailstorm means that Jennev Merchant and Kerendon Merchant go way down in value. Blight Pass Smuggler is the alternative option, but it doesn't provide much value against non-aggro decks due to the lackluster body.
Burglarize - I'm usually not a fan of the card, but I definitely felt like I needed more answers to relics than just Evolving Olzial - I saw a fair number of Combrei Relics, Sling of the Chi, and Dichro's Ruin-based decks running around. Stealing an opponent's Backbreaker also feels fantastic. Can also be recast with Davia occasionally.
Cover From the Storm - a market-friendly Hailstorm, and the best thing to fetch against aggro.
Turn to Seed - hard removal in the market. In Cold Blood, Deathstrike, and Feeding Time are also options, but Turn to Seed felt best due to how many Even Argenport decks I was encountering.
Wasteland Broker - a rather unconventional market inclusion, but it's here as a combo with the last card in the market. That said, having multiple Cover From the Storms against aggro or multiple Burglarizes against a relic deck can be quite nice.
Savage Incursion - putting four copies of Savage Incursion in the top of your deck with Wasteland Broker is an insane lategame strategy against opposing control decks. Pops aegis, kills sites, draws cards, and spawns dragons... and best of all, it doesn't clutter the maindeck in the early game. This slot was originally Channel the Tempest, but I switched to Savage Incursion because it's the better tempo play.

Piloting the Deck

This is a control deck - your objective is to kill all of your opponent's stuff, draw cards, and eventually take over in the lategame.

A good opening hand will usually include some cheap interaction - having a Vara's Favor or other removal spell to deal with an early aggro unit is usually a good idea, and Exploit on turn 2 is pretty much always a good play.

In the midgame, focus on hitting all your power drops while trying to keep the board under control. It's okay to trade some life if you need more cards, but don't get too greedy.

In the lategame, your opponents will usually be out of resources, at which point winning is arbitrary - beat down with Davia or Evolving Olzial, burn your opponent out with At Any Cost, or just drown your opponent in card advantage. If you're playing against another control deck, go for Wasteland Broker -> Savage Incursion, which is capable of overwhelming most decks, especially when you have even more copies of Savage Incursion from Davia and Prodigious Sorcery.


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Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]
Buried Memories [Set1105]
Stormbreak [Set1107]


July 21, 2021

July 11, 2021


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yardglass Eternal Version: 21.07.21
This deck absolutely tanked for me, but it looked interesting so thanks all the same!
Aki0891 Edited Eternal Version: 21.06.09
I added two more shadow symbols and I was able to get 12 shadows for At Any Cost pretty consistently. Also, adding Silverblade Menace into the market helps a lot as well. It gives us a unit and lifesteal, which helps if you have a weak opening hand.

I enjoyed playing with this deck. :)
mookie Eternal Version: 21.06.09
Glad you enjoyed it! ....I have no idea how I forgot about Silverblade Menace. >.> That's a good call.
emobacon Eternal Version: 21.06.09
no mandevilla? why's that?
mookie Edited Eternal Version: 21.06.09
I hadn't crafted any, so I didn't think to include it. Might be worth testing, although I'm not sure what I would cut for it - maybe Stealth Strike?
biologynut99 Eternal Version: 21.06.09
Looks cool, will try later.