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Even fire primal mid range (masters)

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I think deck is pretty polished in this meta, i havent used rain of frogs just yet but i think its a pretty big counter to ramp icaria/svetya green decks i keep seeing now that i hit masters so im just testing whether that or royal decree. But i think royal decree missing sucks pretty hard vs those decks by giving power so thats why im opting a mixed approach.

Anyway approach is to draw cards and ramp until you can EoH or caiphus or site if you have no board control, if you do have board you can actually play tokens just by dropping a bunch of crappy 2s and you have some chip damage with sites. You can counter baby icaria and hojan with turn 2 ping from your grenadin for example. You also dodge most conditions with your removal as its primarily just damage while shadow is struggling to hit these multifaction cards.

The downside of this deck is not having a very proactive board state for most of the time. You can drop caiphus and hope he sticks and you can quickly snowball with copies but otherwise its about making minute choices on EoH on their big fatties.

Im not seeing much aggro but add storm over hand disruption and you can win those too. You have enough tokens to slow down most aggro and you can be more liberal in usage of icebolt which is an amazing card.

Anyway this is a deck ive been most confident that is pretty polished in a long time, wouldnt mind feed back though.


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4 2

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18 15 8

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16 16 18 8 10

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22 2 22 4 25

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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


July 12, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.46 - Dark Frontier

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