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Mimp's Arach's Exploits deck

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Yet another jank deck; don't expect it to win often, but enjoy the crazy combos.

I like the mechanic behind Arach, Razorshaper, and the fun that comes from using Explosive Potential on him for bonus shenanigrenedins.™

With potential for so many little units, Xenan Obelisk, and Supply Lines provide good synergy and have the bonus of buffing Arach, Razorshaper as well. Ephemeral Wisp can be a super star in this deck if you get a chance to bring him back with a Decimated Immortalize. He can chump block, extra bonuses can be had via Speed Grafter, Xenan Initiation, and Touch of Battle. I find I often Devour him only to pop him right back out by playing my power for the turn.

Probably the most fun/unexpected combo I had was a gauntlet game where I was beat down to at 2 health left. I had 2x Supply Lines in play (via Wasteland Broker,) and a Porcelain Mask, and 8+ time influence for my Alhed Ascending. I cast Nectar of Unlife to bring back an Arach, Razorshaper and played it from my hand. My Alhed Ascending jumped up up to the mid 70's for attack and health.

We have a fair bit of card draw being an even deck with Evenhanded Golem and Devour, we also have the 4x Xenan Cylix, and Amethyst Waystone.

The removal suite and power base could probably use tweaking, I was just seeing what I liked. Notably, Aegis and flying units seem to cause the most trouble currently. An option to silence units, (other than Teleport via Rune of Relocation and Porcelain Mask) might not be bad either.

If you try it out or a variant of it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have been.



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Awakening [Set1095]


September 28, 2021


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Hour of Glass

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