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Calling all Overloaders

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This will be my primer for Expedition Overloader. I will try to cover a variety of topics and ideas around the deck, so this may end up being a pretty large detail section. Overloader is still extremely competitive, albeit harder to play after the Machincations nerf. I would say that the addition of Bottled Insight makes this a better deck than it was pre-machincations nerf, without it. I was sad I didn't join Earths Overseer in the top 64 to make the second combo deck to make it to day 2. It's a lesson about taking a break when tilting, instead of trying to power through it. Ultimately, a failure of the pilot and not the deck.

In my opinion, this is the most consistently fast version of Overloader Combo that you can play in expedition. It has basically no interaction, and is designed to be as resilient to hate as possible. There is one more version of the deck to consider, and that would be the Grenahen version that Earths Overseer has been refining over a long period of time. Using many many games, I realized that when the deck lost, it was primarily due to not drawing Overloader. With that in mind, I started exploring the idea of using the only way to tutor the card up in expedition, which is Call on Allies. The addition of that card really forces the design of the deck, as you can only play one kind of unit, Oveloader. At the same time, this addition makes the deck significantly more consistent. It's a very tricky card to play, since it costs you a whole draw step. I would recommend playing it only the turn before you go off, unless there is a specific reason to play it earlier. This market is likely not something that you need. I will explain it a bit more further down, but want to give credit to Applechips for the design.

For anyone who may not be familiar with what this deck is trying to do, we are trying to combine Overloader with cards that have Amplify to produce a lot of power. We then use that power to win with Pyrotech Explosion or Detonation Cannon. Cannon is the most common win condition for this version of the deck. You are aiming to combo on turns 4-6. Generally speaking, you need to make sure you play at a brisk pace, in order to be able to go off without timing out. Be quick with your clicks and practice with Bottled Insight A LOT. I don't want to list all possible combinations of ways to go off, but I do want to mention the breakpoints for starting the combo. You'll need to generate 6 power to get started with Machinations, and around 8 power for going off with Bottled Insight alone.

4 Overloader - The heart of the deck

4 Hardiness - The best ritual spell. Allows you to generate 6 power on turn 5, and 6 power on turn 4 with two of them.
3 Celebration - With bottled insight in the deck, an additional ritual spell increases the consistency of the deck tremendously. If you know that you need to play around a removal spell, make sure you start with Celebration before Hardiness, if you can afford it.
For expedition, the important randomly generated units to remember are as follows:

11x is always first flame
9x is 33% lavablood, which breaks aegis or kills a unit if relevant
8x has 1/7 chance of Rhum and 1/7 chance to hit valiant guardian. The random chance of hitting Rhum is the reason for the market. It's incredibly unlikely that it will be relevant, but adds additional outs for free.

The last likely option is 7x which has something like 1/20 to hit Davia
That being said, most of the time you should celebration for the full amount.

Combination Cards
4 Diabolic Machinations - Still a stellar draw spell/ritual spell. It really only becomes bad when you are below 5 life.
4 Bottled Insight - In my opinion, the best spell in this deck. The most common avenue to abuse this card is to draw into a second Overloader while going off, then chaining Bottled insights to draw 9-11 cards at a time, while generating power. A single overloader + bottled insight will draw 1/2 a card for each power you have, but replenish all but 1. It's also a fast spell, so it's something that can be done in response to a removal spell while going off.

Draw Spells
4 Beseech the Throne - A weak draw spell to say the least. But the plunder is a very important part of the card for this deck. It will help with having undepleated power for the turn you go off. It's better than a seek power imo, since it can serve multiple purposes.
4 Cull the Deck - Excellent card filtering
4 Strategize - A great way to get rid of extra machinations, or either of the win conditions if they are in your hand, while drawing you two cards.
4 Scheme - Excellent card filtering, but at a hefty price.
2 Seek Power - The minimum number possible

4 Realign the Stars - The key Tutor of the deck. It helps with getting all combo pieces, including Overloader!
3 Call On Allies - Just a stand out surprise of a card. I really wasn't expecting it to be as good as it has been in the deck. Can be fetched with Realign, allowing you access to a virtual 11x Overloaders.

4 Permafrost - The minimum amount of interaction and likely one of the only options. It's so important that your power on turns 2-5 be spent on drawing cards and assembling combo pieces. You really need to fit in the interaction within the available extra power that you have, something that this 1 cost removal spell does very well.

Win Conditions
1 Detonation Cannon - My most common choice for winning. The reason is mostly based on how common Aegis is versus Negate effects in this format. It also only requires 1 fire influence, so is a heck of a lot more reliable. You'll usually need at least 20 power to kill with Cannon.
1 Pyrotech Explosion - The cheapest win condition, and one that works through Aegis. Slightly more difficult due to the double fire requirement. Realistically, all that means is that you are more likely to use this if you go off on turn 6 and haven't made your power drop yet. 18 power is 32 damage

Market - Only available after randomly getting a Rhum off Celebration. 1/7 chance when amplifying 8x. The idea behind this is that with enough power, you can Exotic purchase into two more win conditions, if for some reason the two in the main deck failed to get the job done. A very niche circumstance that I think has only happened once for me, out of hundreds of games.
1 Shadowsea Expedition - Generates power and cards if you have two Overloaders
1 Vicious Overgrowth - Generates power and fills your market with useless cards
1 Frostbite - a win condition if you have huge amounts of power
1 Exotic Purchase - The way you are able to draw the other market cards
1 Blow the Dam - Alternate win condition by discarding all the useless cards that Overgrowth generated

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Influence Requirements
2 1 1 3

Power Sources
9 5 8 21 18

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21 39 5 3 5

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4 6 45 0 25


August 5, 2021


Eternal Version
Hour of Glass

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EarthsOverseer Eternal Version: 21.07.21
Awesome writeup imestr8! Sorry to hear you had a tough stretch on day 1. Hope what you have written here gets the attention it deserves. The market construction is super cool.

I have been torn for awhile between this version and the grenahen version of overloader. I think they both have a lot of merit depending on what meta you expect to face with the grenahen version should in theory be much better slanted vs aggro but sometimes struggling to find overloader as you mentioned.

Best of luck out there!

imestr8 Eternal Version: 21.07.21
Thank you very much EO!
Very much agree with you about the meta comment. I definitely think both approaches have merit. Ultimately maybe even coming down to play style preference, the Grenahen plan feels much less like you are "gambling" turn 5 go off or die.

Looking fwd to maybe collaborating on some combo decks with you in the future.