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Unbrakable Weapons Starter Deck

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Hey guys. So i built this just today with the few cards i do own at the moment. Most of the cards here i earned just through doing gauntlets and the main story. Some cards are from purchasing deck sets with Gold.

Basically it revolves around lethrai nightblades and dark return as well as the one legendary in the deck and the green colored weapons. Its also a semi life steal deck. the life steal is there more so for annoyance than keeping you alive since the units with life steal are low damage. Basically youll want to use your weapons on your lethrai night blades and keep bringing them back as much as possible to just get around enemy units and eventually just chip damage away at the hero to victory. its almost gotten me from bronze 3 to silver 3.

I do find around silver this deck starts meeting decks that far out do it. but its still decent in competitive. Note that it falls short on hard aggro and flying heavy decks. as this deck currently has no way of countering flying units other than its removal spells. there is a relic i would like to put in here that is a time relic which says units can not fly. but i dont own that currently, but if i had it would replace its current relic. It also lacks in spells that buff my units which i find to be problematic. but it still wins majority of games ive played.

If any one has any changes to suggest please let me know so i can update the deck. Hope this helps some new players.


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June 17, 2019


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Dark Frontier

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