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[Top 50 Masters] Argenport Aggro by Trrroll + GUIDE!

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Hello, my name is Trrroll and I'm Eternal, Hearthstone and MtG player from Poland. I've been playing Eternal for about a year already and have been master 3 or 4 times, but overall I have 3 years experience with card games.
Two more things before I jump to deck introduction and guide:
- my English isn't bad but it also isn't perfect so I still make some mistakes, sorry in advance
- this is my first deck guide I have ever written, so keep that in mind
Okay, so this is my take on the Argenport Attachments Aggro. The list I was starting with was ManuS' Argenport Stompy (I won't post the link, because I didn't ask him for permission for sharing his decks, but you can easily find it on YouTube), but although his deck is fine, it din't fit my playstyle well so I changed it according to my preferences and it turned out to be quite succesful. I've hit top 50 masters on the 4th day of the August season.
The startegy is very simple and very similiar to Rakano Plate. The major difference is our lack of warcries and the plate. However, Argenport still has some strong tricks that Rakano doesn't have, for example the biggest strenght of this deck - Bartholo or Beastcaller's Amulet. We also have quite a lot of lifesteal, that synergises very well with the weapon strategy and makes this deck very efficient against aggro.

Argenport Instigator + Beastcaller's Amulet (99,9% guaranteed Beast)
Silverwing Familiar + Jack's Knife (no -2 hp drawback from knife)
Bloodletter followed by the Jack's Knife (also no knife drawback)

Jack's Knife
1. Silverwing/unit you played Bloodletter on this turn
2. Auric Bully/Bartholo
3. Fliers
4. Other units

Beastcaller's Amulet:
1. Bartholo/Instigator
2. Fliers
3. Auric Bully
4. Other units

1. Bartholo/unit with the highest atk
2. Fliers/Auric Bully
3. Other Units

Hammer of Might:
1. Bartholo/Silverwing
2. Auric Bully/Fliers
3. Other units

I hope I helped understanding this (I reckon) very cool deck.
Comment, upvote and feel free to ask questions and share your thoughts on improving the deck even more, and of course, enjoy playing! :)


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August 11, 2017


Eternal Version
Omens of the Past

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STB Eternal Version: 1.22.4
I like the idea of the deck and have been using it on ladder lately. I just have a few problem with it though. My main problem is that the deck, when i play it, cannot get enough units out fast and end up holding to many weapons in the hand. I feel like there should be a little more units in the deck for this not to be a problem. Other than this, i am having fun using this deck.
Trrroll Eternal Version: 1.23
Maybe you could drop 1x Jack's Knife and/or 1x Hammer/Bloodletter for additional Bully/Valkyrie/Silverwing or even Doom
Hosed Eternal Version: 1.22.4
I personally would remove Jack's Knife for another 1 drop unit or Inspire and replace Impending Doom with Makto.
Trrroll Eternal Version: 1.23
Makto is way too slow for this deck. This is aggro, not a midrange. And you can probably cut 1 Jack's Knife and/or 1 Hammer of Might for an additional Bully/Valkyrie/Silvering
Hosed Eternal Version: 1.23
I have to agree now that I've played with him a lot more. I used to think of him as Argenport's version of Plate, but he really isn't.