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Argenport Midrange - Minotaurs

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Work in Progress

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This is my second revision of this deck since the announcement of TToHT. Keep in mind this is a work in progress and my idea's and thoughts on cards are consistently changing as I continue to play the deck.

Two of the newest cards have the ability to propel this deck into a higher competitive status:

Tavrod, Auric Broker: This card gives us a huge value swing if he is left unchecked. One proc from his ability might be enough to win the game on it's own. With a body of 5/7, he trades into Sandstorm Titan just fine. He has endurance so no need to worry about Permafrost or Crystallize. With a toughness of 7, he can't be double Torch and doesn't care about Obliterate. Those are some pretty great advantages for a 5 cost card.

Auric Interrogator: Now onto another great card for this deck. The stat line is slightly above par for a 3 cost. The real value comes from the ability to draw a card at the end of the turn. Card advantage is something that everyone loves. It synergizes well with Finest Hour, Bloodletter and Lethrai Falchion.

We're are still using the fairly common Argenport Midrange shell and manafixers:

4 Finest Hour
2 Protect
3 Annihilate
4 Slay
4 Valkyrie Enforcer
4 Inquisitor Makto

We've then started to take fill in some of the leftover slots with efficient Minotaurs. We want to make efficient use of Tavrod, Auric Broker on both minions as well as weapons. There are 7 weapons and 24 minions, 12 of those minions are Minotaur's. 19 targets may not be enough for Tavrod, Auric Broker to hit every time but it should come close.

Hopefully by leveraging a strong curve into power cards like Inquisitor Makto and Tavrod, Auric Broker you can do what midrange decks do best.

Cards I'm unsure about are:
Minotaur Grunt
Auric Runehammer

These cards seem to potentially be the weakest. Protect can be placed into the sideboard, however for ladder grind it isn't a terriblecard to have. We could potentially cut 2 Protect in favor of 1 more Lethrai Falchion and another Annihilate.

Minotaur Grunt fills a 2 drop spot and gives Warcry which works well with auric interrigator. This spot was previously taken by Argenport Instigator. Being able to play a 3/3 on turn 2 is very strong. Combined with his ability to punish blocks for more than they're worth.

It might be worth taking out the 2 Auric Runehammer in favor of 2 more Lethrai Falchion just to ensure you have enough weapons to proc Auric Interrogator and Auric Bully on curve. The counter argument is that a 9/1 Auric Runehammer is good removal.

Other card considerations:
Copperhall Paladin - A decent 4 drop
Dark Return - This is good at getting cards Tavrod, Auric Broker discards.
Relentless Gorehorn - I was playing this card in the first revision of the deck. The Revenge is nice in a meta where Harsh Rule is everywhere.

I will continue to edit this deck and talk about card inclusions as I play with it as well as against it. Feel free to leave questions, comments and feedback below!


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The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]


October 4, 2017


Eternal Version
The Tale of Horus Traver

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Hosed Eternal Version: 1.25
I played against this list and slight variations quite a lot yesterday. VERY strong. Tavrod is just brutal.