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I Believe I Can Fly

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This deck originally came from the idea that I had to type the word "flying" into the search bar and go with it... (hence the random rimescale draconus)...

I originally sat on this deck and didn't do much until my buddy came over and I showed him the game. We spent about 2 hours trying to make the perfect lifesteal/lifeforce combo deck which got about 30% win rate... I then decided to show him this deck on a lark... and it went 8/10 games, followed by another 7/10 games the day after meaning that I breezed through the silver ranks with it.

Honestly, it's a really really simple idea. you get a bunch of flying creatures which you buff to insane heights via the Skyrider Vanguard+ Xenan Obelisk combo. You A + Space your way to victory.

I eventually added in some spell negation as well because harsh rule completely and utterly destroyed me. But normally you'd want to finish out by about turn 10 Max.

It's just surprising how hard it is to combat little little fliers. I also had a version that left out the Sapphire Dragon and Thunderstrike Dragon in favour of more three drops. just more thunder birds and storm crashers.

All in all, cards that MUST be in the deck. Wild Cloudsnake (for obvious reasons), scorpion wasp (takes care of pretty much every non-quickdraw minion.) Obelisk (if you stack them even your 1/1's can become insane 4/4's or 5/5's) and lastly, Crystalize - when it's late game and the board is in an even state, this card is the tide turner. Instantly can win you otherwise dead games.

Finally, have fun. This is a fun deck. I hope you like it as much as I do


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January 1, 2018


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The Dusk Road

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