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ETS 2018 S4W5 - Top 8
October 20, 2018


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Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
2 2

Power Sources
22 15 12

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Deck Rarities
12 26 15 4 16

Card Types
32 6 17 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


October 20, 2018


Eternal Version
v1.39 - Into Shadow

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Xhanatos Eternal Version:
This deck in my opinion is 100% better with time merchants - they help you hold down the fort early against aggro and more importantly ramp you into all the fatties that are otherwise often stuck in your hand. You still have the 2 most important pieces in the market - equivocate and Cirso, and you should also put a land into your market. This deck is really strong, but ONLY if it gets to play its big units.
SooNo Edited Eternal Version:
Lololololol oh well seems i got super lucky and obv ran a horrible deck with a bad market, and power base i lucked my way to some wins on complete accident but After all thats all i can ever hope for.
ZachVoss Edited Eternal Version:
Wait, if people can't make comments on suggestions for a deck then whats the point of having a comments section? He wasn't bashing your deck he was offering a different angle to take with it. You sound like a ridiculous child.
SooNo Eternal Version:
You can also see somone had suggests time merch in nice manner and my response was fitting.
SooNo Eternal Version:
The way its put doesnt feel like suggestions or presenting ideas. Its put fairly blunt and as if this list is strictly worse. But thanks again for the awsome comment.
5p3c7re Eternal Version:
any replacement for 2 Alheds? I feel like carnosaur sucks now so...
LordEng1ish Eternal Version:
Twinbrood Sauropod. Returns Dawnwalker, gets berserk twice, is two 10/8s with an Alhed already and gets +4/+4 from Xenan Obelisk. Plus it has pseudo aegis in being two bodies.
5p3c7re Eternal Version: 1.40
WOW Great response and suggestion! Will try it and let you know. :D
5p3c7re Eternal Version: 1.40
This sounds so good the way you describe it, why wouldn't you run the 2-2 split in the first place?
5p3c7re Eternal Version: 1.40
Or even a funsie, since it has echo and all the card advantage is cool too.
svrQQ Eternal Version:
Fun deck. Went from D3 to Masters going 22-4 with an almost identical list (ran time merchant instead, didn't see any midrange on ladder to warrant crystallize)
SooNo Edited Eternal Version:
Thats cool elysain is back?? Lul. i threw this together the night before and it just ran hot. I knew i wanted to be playing caiphus cause hes pretty sweet. White merch is just so weak ive felt with its market options right now and grabbing mirror image from the market into the crys is one of the best things for it ive found in the past when trying elysain so i just stuck with it. Good job on getting to masters with an elysain list though. Caiphus to good.
svrQQ Edited Eternal Version: 1.40
Auralian is a lot weaker now yeah but I haven't really been seeing many Harsh Rules for some reason when I did my climb and now the ladder in low masters is all haunted highway so the white merchant is still a better blocker on the ground although maybe it's worth switching just to have backlash/negate/unseal in the market since that would actually swing a few % with some huge blowouts in that MU. Or maybe I just run some of those maindeck.

I play maybe 6 - 10 games a day and I am frequently the only person I see slam sandstorm titans so maybe the obelisk in market is incorrect but it's such a mindless card to jam in markets :(

And ya posted the list mostly just for you. Haven't been as active sharing my brews as of late :(
svrQQ Eternal Version:
Ya Caiphus pretty good. Here's my list if you want to see.
Comment Deleted