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Feln Magus

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Used this deck to reach Master in May 2017. The idea is to overload enemy removal with sabotage/wind/gale/magus to have a more proactive game plan than a standard Feln control build. This is also the best unstable form deck I've played - it combos well with magus and with wind (discard it to wind) and you also end up using it on enemy units a fair amount of the time (against units that are immune to a permafrost or annihilate you want to use, warcried a bunch, or sandstorm titan stopping your fliers).


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3 2

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17 12 8 4

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19 24 7 12

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20 4 26 0 25


May 9, 2017


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Distant Lands

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Wok Eternal Version: 1.20.2
It might be worth incorporating Nort-Wind or West-Wind Heralds, similarly as for deck Budget Unstable Feln.
Snake2243 Eternal Version: 1.20.2
can you add me? snake2243+5791 i would like to try out your dekcs and have questions ^_^
isomorphic Eternal Version: 1.20.1
Midnight Gale is pretty crucial to the deck unfortunately, it's the best card in many matchups. You could maybe try Cabal Countess instead, though I expect it would be much worse (and make you vulnerable to Vara's Favor).
unlinker Eternal Version: 1.20.1
Congrats for master and nice deck! I love Magus of the Mist :)
Do you think this deck could work without Midnight Gale (I actually have 1 but I don't want to craft more right now)? Thanks!