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4F Roaches

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Well, this is a deck I've been having fun with.
TTJJPS is not particularly hard to hit, but 4 Seek Power + 2 Find the Way + many seats means that some times power will come in play depleted.
Desert Marshal, Kothon, the Far-Watcher, Combrei Healer, Permafrost, Lightning Storm are there to help us with aggro.
As for other roaches deck Second Sight, Twinning Ritual and Dark Return are there to trigger Clockroach and Crown of Possibilities, although it some hard matchups they need to be used more aggressively just to stay alive.
The Permafrost, Lightning Storm, Harsh Rule, Vanquish, Harsh Rule and Slay removal package is very flexible and it allows to target any unit in the game.

Some cards didn't make the cut but could be brought to help with specific matchups:
Annihilate vs Big Cobrei and Praxis midrange
Xenan Initiation vs Argenport MIdrange
Eilyn's Choice and Kaleb's Choice vs Justice control decks
Banish vs Chalice and Armory
Lumen Defender vs Burn

Moving to TTJJPPS would allow us to run Wisdom of the Elders, while TTJJPSS opens up Ayan, the Abductor, Feln Bloodcaster, Steward of the Past and Inquisitor Makto, although I believe the influence is already difficult to hit as it is.

Enjoy the deck and please comment below if you have any suggestion on how to improve it.
More importantly pray RNG gods for deadly on Black-Sky Harbinger and avoid flying Sandstorm Titan at all cost!


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Influence Requirements
2 2 1 1

Power Sources
14 13 9 6 17

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11 36 8 12

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16 6 28 0 25


October 27, 2017


Eternal Version
The Pale Riders

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