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Big Feln Cauldron

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June 10th 2017 - Guide created.
June 12th 2017 - Added x3 Withering Witch & 3x Sabotage to sideboard.

Big Fel Cauldron

Right, so the idea behind this deck actually started with Feln Cauldron , as it has always been one of my favorite cards and I've always wanted to make a deck that used Cauldron as a core card - However, Cauldron can be tricky and so this deck has evolved throughout the last couple of weeks into a more void recycle kind of deck, with Feln Cauldron being your discard buddy, when you want to do a combo with Vara, Fate-Touched or Grasping at Shadows , or if you simply have obsolete cards that you want to recycle.

Card Breakdown

Feln Stranger I threw three of these in here for the sole purpose of acting like an early blocker versus for example Rakano Plate or Combrei Midrange and to make sure I can get a fully empowered Champion of Cunning sooner rather than later.

Haunting Scream Is used for obvious reasons to recycle Gorgon Fanatic. The hidden potential of this card, is when you start recycling the already recycled Gorgons with Vara, Fate-Touched .

Feln Cauldron Allright, this is the 2nd most important card/mechanic in your artillery. It's gonna feel weird to start out with, but your main target for the discard mechanic, will be; Gorgon Fanatic , Champion of Cunning, Black-Sky Habringer and Vara, Fate-Touched. The reason for this is simple; You want to recycle these through Vara, Fate-Touched and Grasping at Shadows (And Haunting Scream for Gorgon, obviously - When I mention this as a discard option, it's mainly versus Combrei to avoid Gorgon being silenced).

Grasping at Shadows This is 9/10 times to grab or proc an existing Vara. Don't discard this at any time, this can be comboed with Vara in so many ways it's a wonder they are not exclusive to each other in deck construction.

The lack of removal cards is intentional - Don't be affraid to sacrifice important units to get board control, you're meant to recycle them. Some you recycle through discarding with Cauldron, others by blocking/intentionally eating removals.


Suffocate I sometimes weave this into the structure, either for 2x Lightning Storm, 2x Seek Power, 1x Vara + 1x Champion, all depending on the popularity of the decks I'm facing at that particular time.

Steward of the Past Potential replacement for Champion of Cunning.

Umbren Reaper Potential replacement for Champion of Cunning. It has the same recycle potential, except you trade board control for more siphon strength. I like this option, I just feel like I got the siphon thing down well and it becomes sort of obsolete next to the offensive potential of CoC. Besides, I often recycle CoC to eat removals while I plan my end-game. Reaper doesn't do that. All that said, excellent replacement option for CoC if you don't need Steward to wipe Tormentor/Scream decks.

Thunderstrike Dragon Potential replacement for Champion of Cunning - These are good for extra Cauldron discards if you play more than two. However, as they can't be recycled through Vara, they lose a ton of value.

Scourge of Frosthome I love this card. I think it's one of the best cards in the game, if not the best. The problem with this card is that it's a ten-drop and so it only really becomes viable if you're ahead in board control and simply use it to deny your enemy a chance of a board clear comeback. However, you wont believe how many times I've been able to summon Scourge on turn 5 by Grasping him after a Cauldron discard. This is insanely efficient, especially since the amount of board control most decks have at turn 5, wont be able to contest Scourge and you will limit all draw/unit fast spells from your opponent for a foreseeable amount of the match. My point is: This is godlike in this decks archetype, but it also makes your deck more clunky and more unreliable, because you wont be able to chain it with Vara and it would have to replace 1x Vara/1x BSH/1xCoC. I most often swap it out for 1x Vara/1x CoC , especially if there's alot of Sky King/Primal Spell decks around. If you only have 3 of something, throw this in.

Strength of the Pack I guess it's self-explanatory, but this is pretty much a replacement to Vara if you don't have 4. Why? Because you can cast this on an existing Vara and obtain somewhat the same result as with GoS/Vara play.

I'm climbing right now, so I will probably grab some footage of the games and make a short gameplay example video sometime tonight, if anyone is interested.

Good luck on the ladder!


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June 12, 2017

June 10, 2017


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Attonitus Eternal Version: 1.21
How much did this free to play game cost you? Have you ever thought about buying a car or getting a girlfriend? LOL instead of wasting your money on vainglory nonsense.
Attonitus Eternal Version: 1.21
I hope the whole free to play/pay to win genre dies a death
Attonitus Eternal Version: 1.21
Sorry if I've offended you. I didn't mean to be spiteful or negative towards you personally. I'm just very sceptical and cynical of the whole free to play genre. Free to play or pay to win. Unless you get very lucky with RNG you need to grind through a lot of dust paid for by real money to get what you need and the whole free to play/pay to win experience ends up costing at least 5 times more than a AAA game.
TomTG Edited Eternal Version: 1.21
Well, I'm a little confused as to why you would spend time leaving a spiteful comment like that.

I've worked a full time job for three years, I give most of my money to charity and spend the rest on necessities and myself.

I don't drive a car because I've lived in the city my entire adult life and I actually give a shit about our environment.

Please go tell your parents to teach you some manners and some economics. And thanks for giving me my first negative experience with the Eternal community.
Attonitus Eternal Version: 1.21
Getting on the moral high ground did your parents never teach you that a fool and his money are soon parted?
Attonitus Eternal Version: 1.21
Getting on the moral high ground did your parents never teach you that a fool and his money are soon parted?
Arkimedes Eternal Version: 1.21
Great guide! I'll try it :)
TomTG Eternal Version: 1.20.6
It's funny that you should ask and a very good question.

Steward is the ultimate counter to BFC, especially when used in another void\recycle deck.

I literally just played a Xenan Justice deck who used 4 Stewards in total and I had really bad draws - However, I almost won (He was 1 HP when I conceded and I had grasped 2 silenced units) .

In other words, you can beat Steward\Reality Warden decks, you just have to plan your Annihilate\Deathstrike for it and think twice before you discard something to grasp it later. You simply need a more defensive mindset and you need immediate and aggressive board control.
Treelamp Eternal Version: 1.20.6
I don't quite play against all the decks, or as certain decks (Like this one) so I'm not entirely familiar with certain match ups. So my question is, how does this deck deal with, or fair against, Steward of the Past? Do rez based decks have a good answer, or generally just get hosed?